I’m an artist on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, painting in my studio with its view across the Minch or plein-air if the weather’s not too wild. My painting evolves as I explore new possibilities, subjects, and locations whilst constantly returning to favourites with a changed way of looking at them. Some paintings becomes a series, others remain a one-off. Read more…


Monday Motivator: Cézanne and Paper as the Central Protagonist

‘For Cézanne, paper equals paper. Mostly unpainted areas of creamy sheets form the paper labels on wine and liquor bottles. Arcs of color or pencil indicate how these paper rectangles bow to adhere to a rounded form … ‘Usually relegated to a supporting, or background, role—indeed the very terms for paper are “support” and “ground”—paper …

Smudge Cat

Smudge, the friendliest, purriest, tickle-my-tummyest, yellow-roses-are-the-tastiest of cats, has gone to chase butterflies with her brother Graphite.

Monday Motivator: An Edge is Where Paint Changes Colour

“Pissarro was the subtlest of the leading Impressionists, devising ways of giving distinctive presence to each part of a painting, by, for example, defining the edges of objects with the paint that surrounded them. “For him, an edge was a place where paint didn’t stop but only changed color.” Peter Schjeldahl, “My Struggle with Cézanne“, …

Available Paintings by Marion Boddy-Evans

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