I’m an artist on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, painting in my studio with its view across the Minch or plein-air if the weather’s not too wild. My painting evolves as I explore new possibilities, subjects, and locations whilst constantly returning to favourites with a changed way of looking at them. Some paintings becomes a series, others remain a one-off. Read more…


Painting at Duntulm

It’s been a little while since I’ve been out with my oil paints, and I enjoyed painting this and am happy with the result, especially when I look at the brushwork up close.

Monday Motivator: Humour is an Element of Creativity

“… joy, humor, and overall goofiness are actually vital for creativity. They are the playful elements that lead to better creative thinking. … “When teachers use humor (especially observational humor), they are modeling a certain kind of curiosity and a willingness to look at life from a different angle. While this might not seem like …

Available Paintings by Marion Boddy-Evans

Email me if you would like to see more photos of any of these paintings, to arrange viewing a painting in my studio, or to discuss delivery/shipping, payment in instalments, or commissioning a painting.

I also have some mountain paintings, but I must still sort out the photos and how many silver/gold frames of what sizes I have.