Marion Boddy-Evans, Isle of Skye Art Studio.
To get in touch, email me on art(at)marion(dot)scot or message me on Facebook.

About the Artist: Marion Boddy-Evans

One of Skye’s most popular and talked-about artists, Marion is known for her vibrant colours, atmospheric seascapes, and rainy-day sheep. Marion’s paintings, wirework and wearable art accessories are collected and/or worn all over the world.
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No Kissing! (In Your Paintings, Anyway)

Too-neatly aligned. Just touching. Tentatively overlapped. Kissing. It’s a venial sin of artistic composition. Elements should either be definitely apart or definitely overlapping. No kissing please, as this creates a weak, connected shape which will distract the viewer’s eye, causing a momentary pause as they puzzle it out. This example is from a series of …

Photos: On the Ferry on a Sunny Hebridean Spring Day

Yesterday I caught the ferry from Uig to Tarbert to deliver a painting, being met at the terminal because the ferry turns around rapidly, 20 minutes between scheduled arrival and departure. It was a nary-a-cloud-in-the-sky day with glorious sunshine, albeit wish-I’d-remembered-my-gloves cold. This is the painting:

Art Workshops

If you’re visiting the Isle of Skye or live locally, and would like to do an workshop, get in touch and we can arrange something if I don’t already have something planned. Beginners welcome!
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A Selection of My Available Paintings

For more paintings, see the page links in the menu at the top.

Commission a Painting

I enjoy the challenge of commissions and am happy to discuss possibilities, whether you’ve seen a painting you like but it’s no longer available, you’re after a particular size or dominant colour, want an amalgamation of favourite elements from different paintings of mine, wish for a painting featuring your house/location, etc. Another alternative is to have first option on my next painting in a particular series (seascape, landscape, winding road, forest, sheep). I also do commissions for wirework and my wearable art.

Prices of commissioned paintings are the same as my other paintings, a 20% deposit may be required. How long it takes depends on what else I’m doing and the size of the painting, but usually between a fortnight and eight weeks.

Email me, or pop into Skyeworks Gallery in Portree (I’m there most Saturdays) for a discussion.


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