Photos: Spring Greens

As well as Uig Pier (see photos), I also wandered through Uig woodland and went up to the slipway at Camus Mor with my “proper camera”. These are my favourite photos from there:

spring blossom
uig woodland backlit leaves
uig woodland spring pine growth
uig woodland ferns
tree lichen
tree tall and cut
(This is a managed woodland; when the sections of this tree were still lying on the ground you could see how how the trunk was disintegrating.)
uig woodland crag tree from below
uig woodland gate
reflected trees in stream
river rapid
river ripples
uig woodland backlit leaves
Just an ordinary day, taking a sheep skull for a walk.
sheep skull
Where I found the sheep’s skull. What you can’t see is that it’s on the other side of the stream. The water wasn’t as cold as I feared and I somehow managed not to fall in.
river rha falls spring19
uig river rha colours green water
What colour is water in a stream?
river rha green bank colours
How many shades of green do we need?
tree gorse uig
spot the tractor
Spot the tractor. Clue: it’s one with a canopy and mirrors. Full disclosure: I saw it only when it came around the corner towards me, after I’d taken this photo.
gorse church ruin
rocks green camus mor
hole yellow lichen
yellow lichen sea wall
yellow lichen seashore
uig woodland stream hole wall
uig pier through reeds
Uig pier through the reeds
rope anchor rust
Rope on a huge anchor that washed up on the shore at the Uig woodland and has been pulled further up.

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    1. Thanks Tessa! I’ve been thinking “just how many shades of green”? Think I could spend days just mixing greens!

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