2 More January Word Prompt Charts

Thanks to Eddie and Wendy for sharing their January charts! I really am enjoying looking at what each word has prompted, and the differences even with something like a carrot. It made me realise I’d included the greens, even though can’t remember when I saw an untrimmed carrot in a supermarket. And a witch for flying did make me chuckle (and wish I’d thought of that!).

This is Wendy?s, who said: “A frustrating month time wise and found this helped the ‘guilt’ of not doing more!”

January Word Prompts by Wendy
By Wendy

This is Eddie?s, who said: “As you can see I managed every day (though I?m not sure how long that will continue) and really enjoyed coming up with a response to the word of the day.”

January Word Prompts by Eddie New
By Eddie New

Did you notice what book’s being read at #5?

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2 Replies to “2 More January Word Prompt Charts”

  1. I like the fact that Eddie also emulated you, Marion, on the 19th with a sheep rendering as well as “darkest” as a value study on the 15th! Everyone did a great job! I’ve shared the calendars with some veterans in the nursing home who have been longtime artists, and it’s really sparked their interest! Thank you! –Laurie

    1. I’m finding differences and similarities fascinating.

      And thank you for sharing with your veterans — if any want to share their charts back, I’d be very interested to see, as I’m sure will others.

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