A Peek at My “Work” at Skyeworks

I’ve learnt not to say “I work at Skyeworks Gallery in Portree on Saturday” because some people take “work” to mean “creating paintings” rather than “person on gallery duty doing whatever needs doing”. I tend to say “I’m in Skyeworks Gallery” or “I’m on the desk at Skyeworks Gallery” or some variation of this.

No two Saturdays are alike.?Yesterday included:
? rehanging my small paintings on canvas (the quandry is whether people will be inspired by the display to start their own collection of little paintings, or hesitant to disturb it)
? sorting through my prints (new daisy print now in stock)
? dusting where my coasters, placemats and mugs are (blowing into a mug gets the dust out easily but needs to be done so you don’t get it in your face!)
? helping move two shelves from one side of the gallery to the other
? arranging half a dozen newly arrived whisky-barrel benches
? measuring the two longest benches for a customer so she could check if it’d fit the space at home
? giftwrapping a knitted sheep for a lass who’d saved her holiday money to buy it (I gathered there’d been a visit to Skyeworks earlier in the week), and
? being an enthusiastic taste-tester for a new gluten-free muffin from the bakery below (tough job!).
Plus all the chatting to customers and sales-related stuff. All in a day’s “work”.

Sheep paintings and more

Sheep paintings and dropcloth-covered sketchbooks.
Sheep paintings and dropcloth-covered sketchbooks.
Selection of prints (of larger paintings)
Selection of prints (of my larger paintings). 10×10″/25x25cm

My display at Skyeworks Gallery

3 Replies to “A Peek at My “Work” at Skyeworks”

  1. Really eye-catching and entertaining display! My impression, upon viewing it was that of a choir, all singing together and in harmony. And those lovely woolly sheep, poking their curious heads here and there give the impressions that they are looking at us looking at them while adding their rhythmic “Baaaa” Bass line notes to this visual symphony! Congratulations for orchestrating this wonderful exhibit!!

  2. Very good, there’s more to being an artist than just ‘painting pictures’ Great display!

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