One Reply to “A (Visual) Slice of Today”

  1. Hi, Marion!
    Great ideas for new pictures. I keep repeating your instruction: “There is no bad weather foh artist”. I read it in your post the very moment when I considered to postpone my last December trip to the mountains. I drived through neks “closed for travel” to catch marvelous landscapes with colours and shades changing every 30 seconds (literally). I could hardly make a photo in a due moment.,
    Thanks to your advice, Marion, I managed to watch it with my own eyes. This trip resulted in several works painted both outdoors and in my studio. And I plan a series of really big pictures basing on the reference photos I shot there.
    Yor advice armed me with a confidence and moved me to the misty dunes this winter.
    Every time you arm me with new ideas – now I want to take one exactly the same compositional arrangement and paint it in different weather.
    What about this one?—/
    I already primed 5 canvas of the same size as I shot a lot of reference photos of this garden during this year in different weather conditions.
    Thank you again and again!

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