Almost 2022

A photo of a bunch of wood panels that I’ve gessoed may not seem like an image of hope that 2022 will be a better year than 2021, but that yesterday I found myself wanting to have some panels to hand ready for painting, and only a couple wouldn’t do so I gessoed the dozen in the photo, tells me that I am feeling better than I have for some time.

Add to this my obsession the past couple of weeks with painting the yellow lichen-covered seawall (see here and here), that I have been out painting on location with my oils again, set up some new Monday Motivator photos using the Rijksmuseum Playmobil figures the in-house art critic gave me for Christmas, and how much I am looking forward to my two workshops at Higham Hall in April, and I realize I have refound part of myself that’s been trampled by the pandemic and the in-house art critic’s neurocognitive issues.

My thanks to everyone for your support and understanding this past year, in all the different forms it’s been given, for your enthusiasm and encouragement, for paintings bought and commissioned, blog posts and newletters read, quick messages and long listening, and social media comments. A special thanks to my Patreon subscribers for keeping me in coffee and for the joys in helping others with their painting.

May your 2022 be a year filled with joyful moments and many hours of painting.

3 Replies to “Almost 2022”

  1. Hi Marion….. so very, very pleased to hear that you have your mojo back. You have had a very difficult year and I just want to wish you a much better new year. It was wonderful to spend time with you at Higham. We never noticed you struggling…. To us you were as enthusiastic and gifted as you always have been, and an absolute inspiration to both B and me. Here’s hoping you stay on track and continue to do your beautiful paintings xxx

    1. The fun we had at Higham in November was a great boost to me, and I am glad you didn’t notice my having to remind myself how I paint sheep before I did the demo 😁 I am looking forward to painting and laughing and chatting with you and B at Higham again next year!

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