An Artist’s Black Friday

Monsieur P and Studio CatCarbon (lamp) black?
Mars black?
Bone (ivory) black?
Perylene black? (Is it black or green?)
Chromatic black? (Using which recipe?)
Which black is this Friday?

(If you’re in need of a distraction from the antics of Black Friday on all the websites you’d usually look at, I suggest playing with Golden’s virtual paint colour mixer. Even better, play with the real stuff.)

2 Replies to “An Artist’s Black Friday”

  1. I am very sorry Marion but I will not have black in my palette but I have to say you’ve done well. As they say, the rules are there to be broken.
    I like colour!!!

    1. I very rarely use black when painting too; mostly I use Prussian blue or perylene green as my darkest colour. Black too easily murks up other colours, and as a shadow it’s flat. But I do like working with black ink…

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