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This one is from Esther, who said: “I learned a lot during this month. First, though I have loved cats since I entered this world, I cannot draw one no matter what! Secondly, regardless of how careful I am, my coloured pencils smudge. I thought I could get around that by lightly brushing the surface. A major mistake, only tried with Insomnia. Thirdly, some ideas work, others don?t. And finally, having very shaky hands can turn elaborate into Imponderable. Oh, and pine cones are surprisingly hard to draw!”

Art Words Prompts April by Esther
by Esther

Lots of inspiring things Esther! I think pine cones are surprisingly complex structures, especially open ones — the curved egg-like shape, the repeating but changing pattern, perspective on the pattern, plus colour — and take more time we’re generally willing to grant overselves.

Smudging … the paper might be aggravating it by being very smooth, not having a lot of ‘tooth’ for the colour to hold onto. You might try covering it with another sheet (taped so it doesn’t move). Or if you’re lefthanded working the days backwards, from right to left, from seven to one. I look forward to seeing your May results.

I’ve been working in my copy of my Word Prompts book, with the aim of getting pages filled in for a display copy at Patchings Art Festival in July. I seem to have made a face with my bacon and eggs in a frying pan…

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  1. Esther, Try using workable spray fixative. A light coating over each color as you work should help with smudging. Edgar Degas, when working with soft pastels, spray fixed each color before applying the next color. This is the reasons his pastels are still vibrant today. Jim

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