Another February Word Prompt Chart, Plus a Surprise

This word prompt chart for February comes from Issie. Once again, fun to look across the squares, noticing all sorts of things, such as the apple (12 apple core) being a green apple rather than red. I think my favourite blocks are 22 Cheese and 26 Spoon.

February Word Prompts by Issie

Now to the surprise: I’ve decided to create a a printed book version of 365 word prompts, on paper that would take pencil, coloured pencil, or not-too-wet paint. It will be A5 size, 56 pages, and wirobound so it opens flat. The paper will be 170gsm uncoated, the same as in my updated Pocket Muse. My thought is that this way you have a journal of your drawings all in one place. It should be ready early April, but you can pre-order a copy, for a special pre-publication price, here.

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