Marion’s Art Group on Skye

My fortnightly-ish art group meets at the Waternish Community Hall from 12:30 to 3.

Important: Sign up for my emailed art group newsletter here for updates and reminders. I will also use this to let you know if a session is rescheduled or cancelled for some reason e.g. snow.

Meeting Dates
25 November 2021 CANCELLED
9 December 2021 Textures in acrylic paint: gesso, texture paste, using painting knives, sgraffito
13 January Textures with acrylics: printing with bubble wrap, string etc
13, 27 January
3, 17 February
3, 17 March

Cost: It’s £15 a session, payable on the day, which includes the use of basic materials and a couple of sheets of A3 watercolour paper.

What to expect and bring: Each session will be a standalone, an activity/exercise/theme with help individually. Beginners and visitors welcome. Bring lunch or tea/coffee and a mug, and your own materials if you wish. There will be covid measures in place, such as spacing of tables; bringing your own wipes/hand sanitiser will be appreciated and obviously follow the latest government guidance.

Future Topics Will Include (aka a list to remind myself):
Creating Texture on Painted Pages (gesso, gloss, torn, collage, etc)
Texture paste and acrylics on a small canvas
Water-soluble Pencils/Graphite
Tone vs Colour
Mixing Greens
“Barcode trees” using masking tape
Painting Surfaces: paper, canvas, board, gesso
Wet-into-wet skies
Cauliflowers‘ in watercolour
Hard and soft edges
Negative Space
High-key and low-key colour
Morandi-style Still Life Abstraction
Cast shadows vs forn shadows
Over vs under: drawing spaghetti/string
Suggestions welcome!

Previous Meeting Topics
Blind Contour Drawing (Drawings About Looking Not Representation)
Composition Choices
Painting the Sea: Colours of the Sea
Painting the Sea: Brushmarks
Colour Mixing & Matching (see Colour Mixing Triangle)
Colour Mixing Using Orange and Blue
Working in Layers of Pattern to Build up a Seascape Painting (“Circles, Triangles and Squares”)
Drawing Pebbles Using Continuous Line
Clouds: Wet-into-Wet with Acrylics If you’ve got any questions, get in touch.

“It was a great exercise and it felt good to be painting again!” — Derek

“I had a really stimulating and interesting session and look forward to the next activity” — Madeleine

Marion's Art Group Continuous Line and Pebbles paintings
Marion's Art Group on Skye