Marion’s Art Group on Skye

My fortnightly-ish art group meets at the Waternish Community Hall from 12:30 to 3.

Important: Sign up for my emailed art group newsletter here for updates and reminders. I will also use this to let you know if a session is rescheduled or cancelled for some reason e.g. snow.

Meeting Dates
21 October 2021 Composition Choices
11 November 2021 Drawings About Looking Not Representation (blind contour drawing)
25 November 2021
9 December 2021

Cost: It’s £15 a session, payable on the day, which includes the use of basic materials and a couple of sheets of A3 watercolour paper.

What to expect and bring: Each session will be a standalone, an activity/exercise/theme with help individually. Beginners and visitors welcome. Bring lunch or tea/coffee and a mug, and your own materials if you wish. There will be covid measures in place, such as spacing of tables; bringing your own wipes/hand sanitiser will be appreciated and obviously follow the latest government guidance.

Future Topics Will Include (aka a list to remind myself):
Creating Texture on Painted Pages (gesso, gloss, torn, collage, etc)
Texture paste and acrylics on a small canvas
Water-soluble Pencils/Graphite
Tone vs Colour
Painting Surfaces: paper, canvas, board, gesso
Wet-into-wet skies
Cauliflowers‘ in watercolour
Hard and soft edges
Negative Space
High-key and low-key colour
Morandi-style Still Life Abstraction
Cast shadows vs forn shadows
Over vs under: drawing spaghetti/string
Suggestions welcome!

Previous Meetung Topics
Painting the Sea: Colours of the Sea
Painting the Sea: Brushmarks
Colour Mixing & Matching (see Colour Mixing Triangle)
Colour Mixing Using Orange and Blue
Working in Layers of Pattern to Build up a Seascape Painting (“Circles, Triangles and Squares”)
Drawing Pebbles Using Continuous Line
Clouds: Wet-into-Wet with Acrylics

If you’ve got any questions, get in touch.

“It was a great exercise and it felt good to be painting again!” — Derek

“I had a really stimulating and interesting session and look forward to the next activity” — Madeleine

Marion's Art Group Continuous Line and Pebbles paintings
Marion's Art Group on Skye