Monday Motivator: Like a Raindrop

Monday motivator quote John Muir Lines

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“Orient your shading lines such that they show the path that a raindrop on the rock would take across the surface (down) and horizontal for a flat surface. If the plane is not facing straight toward the viewer, down will not be vertical but at an angle.”
— John Muir Laws, How to Draw Rocks

Another one I know, though I can’t remember from where, is it visualise how your fingers curve if you pick up an object, and make your lines/brushmarks follow that.

Monday motivator quote John Muir Lines

Eye Candy for Artists: Acrylic Inks

Acrylic Ink Droppers

Specially for you-know-who-you-are doing the you-know-where art project using you-know-what, here are some photos of the acrylic inks I’ve been using the last wee while.

Acrylic Ink Droppers
From left to right: Pebeo, Liquitex, Amsterdam, FW, Schmincke acrylic ink. I feel there’s little to distinguish various brands of acrylic ink in terms of quality, but there is in terms of dropper shape. My favourite is the pointy version of FW, which is great for drawing with directly. One thing that does puzzle me is why the Pebeo gold ink is scented.

Acrylic Ink Brands

Acrylic inks

Fake Cloud (or why you need to leave things out of a landscape painting)

Picturesque cloud stretching high above, a sea of calm grey-blue rhythms, and parts of the band of islands that is the Outer Hebrides. As paintable as it comes.

Except for one thing. And I don’t mean the patch of pines poking in on the left.

It’s that improbable bit of sun-light cloud on top of the island.

1. Leave it out if you know the shape of the island.
2. Omit the sunshine on it if you don’t.

Always But Never

Quote sea sound

Most of the I-don’t-know-how-many words I read a day disappear into the ether, somewhere between memory and forgotten. Some get saved on my computer for possible Monday Motivators. A few get written down, and chanced upon when I look through a sketchbook.

This week I was re-aquainted with this snippet from a poem by Norman MacCaig (and discovered I’d blogged it almost exactly three years ago.):

“The sea makes a tired sound
That’s always stopping though it never stops.”

Always stopping but never stops sounds like painting and drawing and writing and living to me.  Driven compulsively by the pull of [mental/inspiration/ muse] gravity, always stopping but never stopping until the final, irreversible stop.

Quote sea sound
Photo edited, not how it looks in my sketchbook where it’s just graphite pencil on white paper.

Four More Little Goldfish

Four little goldfish paintings

The response to my “The One That Won’t Swim Away” little goldfish painting inspired me to have a go at creating a few more for the Fish Exhibition at Skyeworks Gallery. Not quite a repeat of what I’d done because “my fish” has some texture on the surface, and also strongly motivated to do “without hesitation” because there wasn’t much time.

These four little goldfish were the result, and I was delighted that one sold on the opening day of the exhibition.

Four little goldfish paintings

Here they are in Skyeworks, plus my other three fish paintings done on canvas:
Paintings at Fish Exhibition at Skyeworks by Marion Boddy-Evans

Don’t be misled by how neat and tidy they look lined up. This photo of them on my desk while I was waiting for the varnish to dry is more representative of the organized chaos they were created in.

Little goldfish paintings

For those curious about what else is in this photo:

  • The goldfish in the frame is painted on a page from a tiny dictionary I found languishing in a secondhand bookshop in York, on the page with the entry for “fish”. It was done the same time as “my goldfish” and is now also in Skyeworks.
  • The little circle with the fish on still needs to get a dimensional glaze over it and will probably become a piece of wearable art as either a brooch or necklace.
  • The ink in the glass jars labelled “ink” is shellac-based rather than acrylic ink, I’ve been playing with it on a strip watercolour paper testing out a workshop activity idea.
  • The pink sunset on the right is the new photo-reference booklet for my Captureing Skye workshop coming up at Higham Hall. (I’ll have copies at Patchings Art Festival.)
  • The mug with my brushes in is from Cath Ball of Stitched Ceramics (and is a “seconds” with a small crack on the handle, so it’s not sacrilegious to use like this).
  • The little bit of black cloth is for cleaning my specs.
  • The black tin on the left is my every-colour-I-have watercolour set that the in-house critic bought for me (as an empty tin).

More Photos: March Word Prompt Charts (Including Mine)

Word Prompts chart March by Marion

A few more photos of completely March word prompt charts, to inspire and encourage you into picking up a pencil to do April’s chart. The aim is “more days than not” and, even if you spend a morning at the end of the month filling in the gaps (as I did), it still counts because ultimately the aim is to be drawing.

From Tessa, who said: “I missed a few days in the second half of the month but enjoyed catching up. I have used a mix of watercolour, coloured pencils, ink pens, my trusty white Posca pen and kids coloured markers.” Love the studio cat getting in on the action too Tessa!
Word Prompts chart March by Tessa

From Margaret, who said: “Here’s my efforts for March although I do have to admit to doing a few days together knowing that towards the end of the month I was going to be busy. I’m enjoying the challenge of thinking up pictures for the descriptive words – e.g. pointy.
Word Prompts chart March by Margaret

From Gail: “So much fun!
Word Prompts chart March by Gail

From Vanessa: “I really enjoyed doing these drawings. Some came quite easy others were a bit of a struggle. Cheers for this fantastic challenge.
Word Prompts chart March by Vanessa

From Jerry: “This was fun — I had to do a little catch-up!
Word Prompts chart March by Jerry

Here’s mine. I did the first 10 days of the month daily, but then it got neglected and I did the rest on Sunday (I know, I know, that was April already, but being April Fools I say it still counts) using a HB pencil and watercolour.
Word Prompts chart March by Marion 2

I wished I had my coloured pencils with me or a better watercolour brush, because the waterbrush I did have no longer has a good tip to it. It’s not as considered nor detailed nor careful nor [add another critical word] as I’d like, but fuelled by coffee and cake, I did get something into every block.

Block 28 Picnic was intended to be a checked picnic blanket, but ended up a grassy-muddy mess as I didn’t wait long enough for the first paint to dry. The red splodge on 23 Pointy came from when I did 16 Red and White, and then I couldn’t think past cutting a finger on the sharp point of a knife, so that’s why both 23 and 24 are knives. Overall I’d rate it as “a few points for effort but needs a lot more work if you’re going to lead by example”.

Word Prompts chart March by Marion

Monday Motivator: Another Chance

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“The creative journey is not one in which at the end you wake up in some mythical, happy, foreign land. The creative journey is one in which you wake up every day, like Phil*, with more work to do.”
— Austin Kleon, Want to be an artist? Watch Groundhog Day, 13 July 2017

[*in the film “Groundhog Day”]

It’s not that you get a report card on yesterday that says “could do better/could try harder/not living up to potential/not applying yourself fully” but more like a reset button, a “have another go” card. We can’t change what we did or didn’t do yesterday, but we haven’t yet done or not done what we will today.

Photos: March Word Prompt Charts

Word Prompts chart March by Eddie

My thanks to everyone who’s shared a photo of their March word prompt charts. Once again it’s been so interesting looking at them all, the interpretations, the differences and the similarities. I find myself thinking “that’s my favourite block, no that one, no that one”. Very inspiring!

From Lynn, who’s in the process of moving and said: “I really enjoy these prompts, though this month has been a little crazy.” Hope you’re soon settled in your new home Lynn, with an inspiring art space!

Word Prompts chart March by Lynn
by Lynn

From Eddie, who said: “Lots of interesting words as usual.” Delighted you enjoyed it Eddie, and I look forward to seeing what you do with April’s.

Word Prompts chart March by Eddie
By Eddie New

From Erika, who said: “Cheat, cheat — and repeat! It was so much fun going through my collage-material-box that I couldn’t stop…so this is what came out of it.” Collage is definitely not cheating as far as I’m concerned, Erika, because you’ve still got to decide and select and cut, it’s just another option.

Word Prompts chart March by Erika
By Erika

From Jenny, who said: “Some of these were challenging! My first attempt at wolf rather resembled a pig.” Perhaps it was the wolf who tormented the three little pigs?

Word Prompts chart March by Jenny
By Jenny

From Issie, who said: “Enjoy the monthly project…from New Zealand.” From one side of the world to the other! Glad to hear you enjoyed it Issie.

Word Prompts chart March by Issie
By Issie

From Esther: “It was a lot of fun. I had planned to use watercolour but as the grid was printed on printer paper I used mostly coloured pencils.” I’m pleased you enjoyed doing it Esther. Depending on your printer, you might be able to run a sheet of thin card or watercolour paper through it.

Word Prompts chart March by Esther
By Esther

As to where the photo is of my own chart … urm, well, urm, but, urm… would you believe a sheepdog ate my homework?

Logo Marion Boddy-Evans Isle of Skye Art Studio ScotlandMy thanks to my patrons who are helping me have time to write more each month, including time to create the monthly word prompts. Will you be my next $2 patron (or via PayPal)? It works on the 1,000 steps principle, each small contribution helps keep me on an artistic journey we can share. Thank you.

Drawing Word Prompts Chart for April

Drawing Word Prompts for April

End of a month means it’s time for a new drawing word prompt chart! Download April’s here….

Also, don’t forget to send me a photo of your March chart. (Confession: I need to ‘cheat’ and quickly do something in the last two weeks on my own chart before I take a photo. )

Drawing Word Prompts for April

Copies of my 365 word prompts books have just arrived from the printers, and when I get a moment after the Easter weekend I’ll be update my webshop with photos of it. Until then you can still order it at the special pre-publication price. Thank you again to everyone who preordered a copy, I’ll be posting yours after Easter (and I’ll do it before I update my webshop).

I haven’t started on my copy yet, but artist friend Liza Hawthorne  (who owns Skyeworks) has been working with pen in hers. If you’re on Skye, copies are available from Skyeworks Gallery, where I’m on gallery duty today and tomorrow.
Artwork Book Art Workbook Word Prompts by Marion Boddy-EvansArtwork Book Art Workbook Word Prompts by Marion Boddy-EvansArtwork Book Art Workbook Word Prompts by Marion Boddy-Evans