6 Replies to “Be That Someone in 2015!”

  1. I enjoy reading your blog and miss seeing more of you! Thanks for sharing your insights, thoughts, etc, with us.
    Beverly in Sarasota, Florida

  2. Thanks Beverly! If you subscribe to my blog (scroll down to find the subscribe box, on the left) you’ll get an email whenever I post something; no waiting for my next newsletter!

  3. Hi Marion! Today it is an eve of so-called Old New Year. We celebrate it as well. I spent the last 2 weeks modelling sheep and goats for the New Year installation. http://natalyakalugina.in.gallerix.ru/expo/melkaya-plastika/so-starym-novym-godom/
    This is my gift to anyone who decide to draw or paint basing on this idea/
    I am tempted to arrange my herd of sheep in you way (In case of your permission to do so).
    So Happy New Year! I wish you health, welfare and new achievements in your Art and workshops! Looking forward for new projects to participate in!

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