Work-in-Progress: Sheep in Reds

This commissioned painting requested sheep standing in a landscape with an autumnal feel, dominated by reds and browns. I will have another few rounds with it, but first it needs to dry completely. I already know I need to add white to the sheep, some ‘pure white’ to sit on on top of the wet-in-wet mixed colours, and work on the sea more. I also need to decide if there’s too much red, whether it wants more autumnal yellows and browns. That I’ll decide by looking at it in various lights, and once the sheep have another layer of wool on them.

Sheep Painting with Reds in Progress (January 2014)
Size: 75x75cm
Detail from Sheep Painting in Progress by Marion Boddy-Evans
Detail from the painting.

My Stand at the Scottish Trade Fair

Here I am grinning manically smiling cheerfully on my stand at my first trade fair, the Scottish Spring Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow earlier this month. The LG on the stand number refers to “Launch Gallery, a special section for new exhibitors. Cards and earring-cards on the left; original painting in the middle; prints on the right; wirework, wearable art, and small originals on the shelves. As to why I chose orange as my “signature colour”; besides being a favourite colour and helping to make my stand stick out amidst the crowd, it’s also the complementary to all the blues in my seascapes.

Isle of Skye Art Studio at Scottish Trade Fair SECC Spring 2014

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement, enthusiasm, and conversations ranging from the working with dripping paint to domains names after Scottish independence.

Heading into My First Trade Fair

It’s a big weekend for me! I’m exhibiting for the first time at the Scottish Spring Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. My brain feels like a checklist loop: paintings, samples, cards, pricelist, hooks, pen, stapler… but fingers crossed I’ve remembered everything. I’m offering cards and prints of my paintings, plus originals, wirework sculptures and accessories, and my Wearable Art.

Wearable Art by Marion Boddy-Evans
Wearable Art: tiny original paintings with a brooch pin on the back, protected by a hard glossy glaze.


Wirework by Marion Boddy-Evans

Wirework Sheep by Marion Boddy-Evans

Small Paintings by Marion Boddy-Evans