What Santa Left Under the Tree (aka the Joys of Books at Christmas)

The joy of printed books, with paper pages to feel, hold, turn. The quality of the printing, the weight of the paper, the style of the binding. The typography, page layout. Joys before reading starts.

Fiction books filled with imagination. Non-fiction books filled with things to be learned and discovered. Art books opening with a creak to release that new-book-ink smell. Books to read from cover to cover, others to dip in randomly. Joys of deciding which book next.

For me, Christmas is synonymous with books, a pile of treasure. Some I’ve mentioned to the in-house-art-critic, others are a surprise. They’re bought across the year and saved in the Christmas box. This is what I’ll be reading into next year:

Christmas Art Books 2017 Stack

Top to bottom (affiliate links):

For studio cats, it’s a simpler joy:

Christmas Art Books 2017 Cat
Studio Cat Graphite testing the theory that you can absorb what’s in a book by putting it under your pillow and sleeping on it.


4 Replies to “What Santa Left Under the Tree (aka the Joys of Books at Christmas)”

  1. AWESOME!! Books are the best friends to spend time with. Happy Happy New Year 2018, Marion. Looking forward to another year of wonder, joy and curiosity and exploration! Lynn 🙂

  2. Hello Marion, I too received an nice Christmas gift in the form of an art book called “The Art Spirit”, a collection of letters and lectures given by Robert Henri. The book doesn’t so much go into the techniques of painting but the artist approach to painting. It is very interesting and I believe could be used for inspiration by artist today although the letters and lectures were given at the turn of the last century. Thanks so much for all you do. Sincerely, Gail

    1. Hi Gail
      I’ve a copy of it too — full of inspiring stuff, and proof of how timeless creative issues artists face can be!

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