Getting Ready for Patchings Art Festival

Palette brooches hand painted by Marion Boddy-Evans

Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to Patchings I go … or will be under three weeks. Right now I’m busy making new palette brooches and necklaces. And, yes, I am indeed using an abandoned 30x30cm tree painting as a working-surface-tray for these; it’s so I can easily move them to a safe spot for drying. Any stray bits of paint on the canvas will just add to the under-colour of some future painting.

Palette brooches hand painted by Marion Boddy-Evans

If you’re coming to the festival and are hoping I bring something specific along, let me know what it is! I’ve had a request for covered sketchbooks, and that’s next on my to-make list.

Photos from Patchings Art Festival 2017

Paintings flowers at Patchings Art Festival Marion Boddy-Evans

I’m on my way back north to Skye, though it’ll be a few days yet before I’m in my studio again. I’m buzzing from the enjoyment and excitement of Patchings Art Festival followed by an unexpected invitation to the just-opened Gallery 6 in Newark-on-Trent on Monday morning.

(Long story short: you can now find my two brand-new floral still-life paintings and seascape inspired by Coral Beach — the big paintings I had at Patchings — in Gallery 6! I’ll share some photos later.)

Artist Marion Boddy-Evans at Patchings Art Festival 2017

Artist Marion Boddy-Evans at Patchings Art Festival 2017

Paintings flowers at Patchings Art Festival Marion Boddy-Evans
Flower painting demo. I liked it early on, then overworked it, then tried to rescue it with black ink. It’s not resolved yet, but I will have another go back in my studio.
Paintings flowers at Patchings Art Festival Marion Boddy-Evans
My second flower-painting demo, done on Sunday. I like where it is, but suspect it still needs a little more.
Artist Marion Boddy-Evans at Patchings Art Festival 2017 painting seascape
Seascape inspired by Talisker Bay, demo painting. It’s needs another round or two, but I stopped painting on it as I need to do it without stopping to chat.
Patchings Fellow Artists
I had the pleasure of being able to watch Jenny Aitken and Stephen Walton paint (with acrylics) and draw (with charcoal) over the four days.
Patchings Glass Artists
Add soundtrack of gently tinkling glass windchimes. McEwan Glass Designs and Juicy Glass Studio on the right.
Sunshine at Patchings
Soundtrack: oompah oompah of a tuba.
Glass art
Couldn’t resist a photo! Lawrence West Glass Art.

My thanks to everyone for four fun-filled days, all the interesting conversations, and your enthusiasm. See you next year (except for those who I know I’ll be seeing sooner at Higham Hall!).

Were you at Patchings? What was your favourite thing? What art supplies did you get (mine included some new acrylic ink colours and a handful of Rosemary & Co rigger brushes). Leave a comment and let me know.

I’m Headed to Patchings Art Festival (it’s near Nottingham if you don’t already know)

I’m heading “south” to Patchings Art Festival, four days of art-related fun in Calverton, which is near Nottingham. It’s about 500 miles from my studio but only about 130 from London, so a perfect “central” venue. I anticipate lots of interesting conversations, meeting all sorts of other artists and makers, as well as trying to stick to my budget buying some art supplies.

Patchings Art Festival 2017

I will be bringing a few members of my Skye flock, plus a couple of larger paintings, prints, placemats, coasters, cards, and catalogues. (And some wirework and covered sketchbooks but including that in the sentence messes up the alliteration.)

Like last year, I will be demonstrating on my stand, though if I can find a bunch of inspiring flowers it may be florals rather than seascapes. The weather forecast when I checked was showing dry and sunny, so I think I can safely leave my wellies behind!
Marion Boddy-Evans demonstrating painting at Patchings Art Festival

I’ve also just updated my art workshops page, with new dates from September to April, including two around New Year if you’re coming north for Hogmanay.





My Stand at the Scottish Trade Fair

Here I am grinning manically smiling cheerfully on my stand at my first trade fair, the Scottish Spring Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow earlier this month. The LG on the stand number refers to “Launch Gallery, a special section for new exhibitors. Cards and earring-cards on the left; original painting in the middle; prints on the right; wirework, wearable art, and small originals on the shelves. As to why I chose orange as my “signature colour”; besides being a favourite colour and helping to make my stand stick out amidst the crowd, it’s also the complementary to all the blues in my seascapes.

Isle of Skye Art Studio at Scottish Trade Fair SECC Spring 2014

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement, enthusiasm, and conversations ranging from the working with dripping paint to domains names after Scottish independence.

Heading into My First Trade Fair

It’s a big weekend for me! I’m exhibiting for the first time at the Scottish Spring Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. My brain feels like a checklist loop: paintings, samples, cards, pricelist, hooks, pen, stapler… but fingers crossed I’ve remembered everything. I’m offering cards and prints of my paintings, plus originals, wirework sculptures and accessories, and my Wearable Art.

Wearable Art by Marion Boddy-Evans
Wearable Art: tiny original paintings with a brooch pin on the back, protected by a hard glossy glaze.


Wirework by Marion Boddy-Evans

Wirework Sheep by Marion Boddy-Evans

Small Paintings by Marion Boddy-Evans