Photos: More June Word Prompt Charts

June Word Prompts

Following on from Sunday’s shared word charts, here are three more (or two and a ‘cheatsheet’).

From Lynn, who said: “I so enjoy these as a personal challenge and love seeing all the variations on a theme.”

June Word Prompts
by Lynn

From Karen:

June Word Prompts
by Karen

From Issie, who said: “This is my cheat sheet. Have had an incredible busy month so decided to pick four subjects make them bigger and draw them. This way I had a evening project that I could manage. Thus allowing me to focused on what I want to do.”

June Word Prompts
by Issie

Thanks for sharing everyone! If you haven’t yet started July’s chart, you’ll find it here.

Photos: June Word Prompt Charts

June Word Prompts

I’ve once again really enjoyed looking at what each word has prompted, been intrigued and inspired by each finished chart. Hard to choose a favourite image, but most poignant (given the Grenfell Tower inquiry and the fires in Glasgow) is Eddie’s choice for “danger”.

From Margaret, who said: “When I saw the number of animals on this months word chart — I thought ‘Oh Dear’. But am surprisingly quite happy at how they turned out. I can’t decide if the hippopotamus or the elephant is my favourite. I’m afraid the puffin and the giraffe don’t look quite right. Still, another enjoyable month.”
June Word Prompts

From Jerry, who said: “Another fun month of creativity!”
June Word Prompts

From Eddie, who said: “A veritable menagerie but narry a sheep in sight.”
June Word Prompts

I’ve been doing my word prompts in my book version of the charts that I want to use as my display copy at Patchings Art Festival. I’ve found I tend to not do it every day, but rather doing two or three every few days, using watercolour, coloured pencils, or just pencil as the mood takes me, a relaxation with afternoon tea. When it came to all the animals, I was trying to work from memory rather than look up reference photos. I found I couldn’t visualise where the black and red and white on a woodpecker are at all!

June Word Prompts

July’s chart can be downloaded here. Have fun!

Photos: May Word Prompts

Another month’s worth of inspiring drawings; thank you to everyone for sharing your charts! It’s so interesting seeing what everyone has done from the same prompts, the similarities and differences, the lateral thinking and connections.? Take 13 Knitting, for instance, where there’s one with a ball and needles (which makes me wonder if Jerry doesn’t knit),? knitted pieces on the needles, and some with hands holding the needles (one from the knitter’s point of view and the other from an onlooker’s). Or 6 Salty, for which a pretzel would never occur to me as it’s simply not something that is part of my life (I couldn’t even tell you if the local supermarket sells them).

From Jerry, who said “Starting to get a bit more creative — also have gotten some others in our painting group involved! I tried to do a fingerprint for #24 (evidence) — it didn?t turn out too well!”

From Karen:

From Vanessa, who said: “I have to admit that I had to do some catch up for this month. Plus I was too quick with two days and mixed them up.”

From Tessa, who said: “I got about two weeks behind this time. (Don’t tell Studio Cat.) Some of them had me stumped for a while. Caught up eventually.”

From Esther, who said: “I took the advice of the person who recommended a fixative spray this time. Thank you very much! I strongly suspect you were a bit hungry when coming up with the words this month. I found several words difficult to imagine as images and others tricky to draw. My camel and chef are sadly deformed and Brunnhilde, my Diva, is a bit lopsided. Once again, I included a cat. I didn?t forget its ears, she is a kitten and they are folded down as she stalks her prey. If I had a lucky number, I?d be able to visit Scotland and attend one of your workshops! Another very enjoyable and challenging month.”

From Eddie, who said: “There are some good challenges in this month.”

From Margaret, who said: “16 crossing may have been influenced by my visit on ferry to your beautiful island. I took 19 as pi rather than pie (which was the topic of no 1 sweet or savoury). Another enjoyable sheet and off to print out June.”

I can’t show you my May sheet because I tidied my studio mid month and now can’t find it. Theoretically it would be in my folder with February to April’s sheets, but it’s not. So instead here are a few days in what will be my display copy of my Word Prompts book for Patchings Art Festival in July. My favourite was 14 Psychologist (though I think that inadvertently making a face with 2 Bacon & Eggs might say more than my inkblot).

You’ll find June’s word prompt chart here:
Word prompt chart for June

Another April Word Prompt Chart Photo

This one is from Esther, who said: “I learned a lot during this month. First, though I have loved cats since I entered this world, I cannot draw one no matter what! Secondly, regardless of how careful I am, my coloured pencils smudge. I thought I could get around that by lightly brushing the surface. A major mistake, only tried with Insomnia. Thirdly, some ideas work, others don?t. And finally, having very shaky hands can turn elaborate into Imponderable. Oh, and pine cones are surprisingly hard to draw!”

Art Words Prompts April by Esther
by Esther

Lots of inspiring things Esther! I think pine cones are surprisingly complex structures, especially open ones — the curved egg-like shape, the repeating but changing pattern, perspective on the pattern, plus colour — and take more time we’re generally willing to grant overselves.

Smudging … the paper might be aggravating it by being very smooth, not having a lot of ‘tooth’ for the colour to hold onto. You might try covering it with another sheet (taped so it doesn’t move). Or if you’re lefthanded working the days backwards, from right to left, from seven to one. I look forward to seeing your May results.

I’ve been working in my copy of my Word Prompts book, with the aim of getting pages filled in for a display copy at Patchings Art Festival in July. I seem to have made a face with my bacon and eggs in a frying pan…

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Photos: Word Prompt Charts for April

April word prompt chart by Issie

Once again, my thanks to everyone who’s shared their word prompt charts this month. So many inspiring drawings, ideas and connections! I set myself the challenge to choose just one favourite — not easily done — and think it’s Eddie’s blank sheet of paper for 30 Nightmare, something most of us will have had at one time of another! But it’s a close thing with all the responses to insomnia. (Post a comment and let me know which would be your choice.)

From Issie, who said: “Had to really sit and pull some strands out of the hat with a few…. But as always really enjoyed working on the project.

April word prompt chart by Issie
by Issie

From Eddie, who said: “Some challenging concepts in there but all fun to do.

April word prompt chart by Eddie
by Eddie

From Tessa, who said: “I’ve made more use of black and white this time using a fine tipped black pen with touches of colour from fibre tip pens or watercolour. I have used Pixabay images for any that I don’t have my own photos for or aren’t objects that are to hand eg the anteater! Pixabay is useful for copyright free images. I got behind (busy week) and did the last five this morning.

“Amelie, my grand daughter (age 6) saw mine and did her own version. ppl means people. She loved my glittery pen that writes silver and red at the same time.”

April word prompt chart by Tessa
by Tessa
April word prompt chart by Amelie
by Amelie

From Jenny, who said: “Enjoyed the prompts!

April word prompt chart by Jenny
by Jenny

From Vanessa, who said: “Another month done! I am glad I made it, because I struggled a bit this time. Looking forward to see all the other drawings.

April word prompt chart by Vanessa
by Vanessa

From Gail, who said: “Had lots of fun with it. Really enjoyed the animals!

April word prompt chart by Gail
by Gail

From Jerry, who said: “Doing this everyday gets to be a habit! Thanks!

April word prompt chart by Margaret
by Jerry

From Margaret, who said: “I had trouble with the pine cone (24) — looks more like a bonfire ready to light so I thought a few pine needles may help — maybe not?. Showing this to a friend she was quite surprised with the zebra (19) and is now wondering how my mind works. I have to admit that I did try a zebra (as in the animal) and couldn’t get it to look right so settled for the crossing. Looks like no 16 Crossing for the May word prompt may already have been done!

April word prompt chart by Gail
by Margaret

And mine, which I did using coloured pencil. 29 Middle was definitely influenced by my recent flight to London. 18 Walrus was erased because it was looking like a zombie-walrus nightmare creature.

April word prompt chart by Marion
by Marion

At Skyeworks Gallery the display copy of my wiro-bound word prompts book (buy direct from my webshop) is filling up too. If you’re in the gallery and that day’s block hasn’t been completed yet, feel free to do it!
Book Word Prompts April

If you haven’t yet printed it out, here’s May’s chart.

More Photos: March Word Prompt Charts (Including Mine)

Word Prompts chart March by Marion

A few more photos of completely March word prompt charts, to inspire and encourage you into picking up a pencil to do April’s chart. The aim is “more days than not” and, even if you spend a morning at the end of the month filling in the gaps (as I did), it still counts because ultimately the aim is to be drawing.

From Tessa, who said: “I missed a few days in the second half of the month but enjoyed catching up. I have used a mix of watercolour, coloured pencils, ink pens, my trusty white Posca pen and kids coloured markers.” Love the studio cat getting in on the action too Tessa!
Word Prompts chart March by Tessa

From Margaret, who said: “Here’s my efforts for March although I do have to admit to doing a few days together knowing that towards the end of the month I was going to be busy. I’m enjoying the challenge of thinking up pictures for the descriptive words – e.g. pointy.
Word Prompts chart March by Margaret

From Gail: “So much fun!
Word Prompts chart March by Gail

From Vanessa: “I really enjoyed doing these drawings. Some came quite easy others were a bit of a struggle. Cheers for this fantastic challenge.
Word Prompts chart March by Vanessa

From Jerry: “This was fun — I had to do a little catch-up!
Word Prompts chart March by Jerry

Here’s mine. I did the first 10 days of the month daily, but then it got neglected and I did the rest on Sunday (I know, I know, that was April already, but being April Fools I say it still counts) using a HB pencil and watercolour.
Word Prompts chart March by Marion 2

I wished I had my coloured pencils with me or a better watercolour brush, because the waterbrush I did have no longer has a good tip to it. It’s not as considered nor detailed nor careful nor [add another critical word] as I’d like, but fuelled by coffee and cake, I did get something into every block.

Block 28 Picnic was intended to be a checked picnic blanket, but ended up a grassy-muddy mess as I didn’t wait long enough for the first paint to dry. The red splodge on 23 Pointy came from when I did 16 Red and White, and then I couldn’t think past cutting a finger on the sharp point of a knife, so that’s why both 23 and 24 are knives. Overall I’d rate it as “a few points for effort but needs a lot more work if you’re going to lead by example”.

Word Prompts chart March by Marion

Photos: March Word Prompt Charts

Word Prompts chart March by Eddie

My thanks to everyone who’s shared a photo of their March word prompt charts. Once again it’s been so interesting looking at them all, the interpretations, the differences and the similarities. I find myself thinking “that’s my favourite block, no that one, no that one”. Very inspiring!

From Lynn, who’s in the process of moving and said: “I really enjoy these prompts, though this month has been a little crazy.” Hope you’re soon settled in your new home Lynn, with an inspiring art space!

Word Prompts chart March by Lynn
by Lynn

From Eddie, who said: “Lots of interesting words as usual.” Delighted you enjoyed it Eddie, and I look forward to seeing what you do with April’s.

Word Prompts chart March by Eddie
By Eddie New

From Erika, who said: “Cheat, cheat — and repeat! It was so much fun going through my collage-material-box that I couldn’t stop…so this is what came out of it.” Collage is definitely not cheating as far as I’m concerned, Erika, because you’ve still got to decide and select and cut, it’s just another option.

Word Prompts chart March by Erika
By Erika

From Jenny, who said: “Some of these were challenging! My first attempt at wolf rather resembled a pig.” Perhaps it was the wolf who tormented the three little pigs?

Word Prompts chart March by Jenny
By Jenny

From Issie, who said: “Enjoy the monthly project…from New Zealand.” From one side of the world to the other! Glad to hear you enjoyed it Issie.

Word Prompts chart March by Issie
By Issie

From Esther: “It was a lot of fun. I had planned to use watercolour but as the grid was printed on printer paper I used mostly coloured pencils.” I’m pleased you enjoyed doing it Esther. Depending on your printer, you might be able to run a sheet of thin card or watercolour paper through it.

Word Prompts chart March by Esther
By Esther

As to where the photo is of my own chart … urm, well, urm, but, urm… would you believe a sheepdog ate my homework?

Drawing Word Prompts Chart for April

Drawing Word Prompts for April

End of a month means it’s time for a new drawing word prompt chart! Download April’s here….

Also, don’t forget to send me a photo of your March chart. (Confession: I need to ‘cheat’ and quickly do something in the last two weeks on my own chart before I take a photo. )

Drawing Word Prompts for April

Copies of my 365 word prompts books have just arrived from the printers, and when I get a moment after the Easter weekend I’ll be update my webshop with photos of it. Until then you can still order it at the special pre-publication price. Thank you again to everyone who preordered a copy, I’ll be posting yours after Easter (and I’ll do it before I update my webshop).

I haven’t started on my copy yet, but artist friend Liza Hawthorne? (who owns Skyeworks) has been working with pen in hers. If you’re on Skye, copies are available from Skyeworks Gallery, where I’m on gallery duty today and tomorrow.
Artwork Book Art Workbook Word Prompts by Marion Boddy-EvansArtwork Book Art Workbook Word Prompts by Marion Boddy-EvansArtwork Book Art Workbook Word Prompts by Marion Boddy-Evans


Snow Day Word Prompt Drawing

February Word Prompts by Margaret

If you’ve been anywhere near the UK news you’ll have heard little other than the blizzard conditions (aka The Beast from the East) that’s hit most areas (not Skye though, where there’s a lot of muir burning happening). Margaret has shared her word prompt drawings, saying:

As I’m inside surrounded by snow, I found myself printing the March grid and quite enjoying thinking up ideas. As its only the 2nd March, I reached for February’s grid and have had a pleasurable time this morning with my pens and coloured pencils filling this in. I wonder what our grids may tell people about us. I’m thinking a wannabe poker player (20 chips) with a supportive friend (14 friend) who likes club sandwiches (28 sandwiches). No 15 under the oak is definitely my favourite oak tree (the Wharton oak). I’ll do some more self analysis at the end of March.”

February Word Prompts by Margaret

When I created March’s chart, I found myself thinking more sequentially through the days, so to mere there’s a greater connection. But we’ll see at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing your grid Margaret, and I hope the snow clears soon and lets spring arrive.

See also: March Word Prompt Sheet (pdf)
Word Prompt March 2018