2 More January Word Prompt Charts

January Word Prompts by Eddie New

Thanks to Eddie and Wendy for sharing their January charts! I really am enjoying looking at what each word has prompted, and the differences even with something like a carrot. It made me realise I’d included the greens, even though can’t remember when I saw an untrimmed carrot in a supermarket. And a witch for flying did make me chuckle (and wish I’d thought of that!).

This is Wendy?s, who said: “A frustrating month time wise and found this helped the ‘guilt’ of not doing more!”

January Word Prompts by Wendy
By Wendy

This is Eddie?s, who said: “As you can see I managed every day (though I?m not sure how long that will continue) and really enjoyed coming up with a response to the word of the day.”

January Word Prompts by Eddie New
By Eddie New

Did you notice what book’s being read at #5?

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28 Word Prompts for Drawing in February

Additional photo submissions are welcome! Just email it to me at art(a)marion.scot with a note as to how you want it credited or if you want it shared anonymously.

Photos: January Word Prompt Drawings

Word Prompts January 2018 Tessa

I’ve really enjoyed looking at the photos of completed January Word Prompt charts sent in. Ideas that would never have occurred to me, the way everyone’s done something that’s uniquely their own, sometimes ideas vastly different and sometimes more similar, all from the same starting point. Thank you!

This is Erika’s, who said: “I truly did one-a-day except for 22/23/24, those I filled all on the 24.

Word Prompts January 2018 Erika
January 2018: Erika
Word Prompts January 2018 Tessa
By Tessa

This is Tessa’s, who says: “Sometimes I stuck to one a day, often I wanted to do more than one, sometimes did which balanced out days when I didn’t. I liked that it was on ordinary paper and for me an ideas thing rather than serious drawing.”

This is by a Skye-based creative friend, working at a slightly larger scale on her own grid, in inks.

Word Prompts for January
by Skye Seasons Studio
by Skye Seasons Studio

As I said yesterday, my January word prompt chart had more gaps (18) than completed blocks (13). It was also done in pencil only (until yesterday). There’s no reason it couldn’t be done only in pencil or monochrome, but overall Studio Cat Ghost wasn’t at all impressed by my performance.?Something about not leading by example, nor starting the year as I meant to continue.
Word Prompts January 2018 Marion

I tried telling him he should cut me some slack as I’d been away in Glasgow at Scotland’s Trade Fair, but apparently that was no excuse as all I needed was a pencil. So, rather than beat myself up about what I should have done, the gap between what I’d intended and what I actually done, I decided to spend a little more time on it, sat down with my watercolours and started adding some colour. Studio Cat supervised.

Word Prompts January 2018 Marion Studio Cat

I confess, once I started adding colour I liked it a whole lot more — the result and the doing of it. It’s still got a bunch of white blocks, and most of it I would rate “could do better” (I know, I know, I’m not supposed to say this sort of thing about this activity) but that was squashed under the enjoyment I had with the watercolours and the knowledge that I ended the month with more blocks completed than not.
Word Prompts January 2018 Marion

My blue (#23) was done with a new-to-me Daniel Smith watercolour made from genuine lapis lazuli, which has been used to create ultramarine since the 13th century for ultramarine, though these days we nearly always use French ultramarine, a synthetic, cheaper version created in the 19th century.

Studio Cat’s verdict as I tidied up: he still wants me to do a drawing of him for #28.

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28 Word Prompts for Drawing in February

Drawing Word Prompts February 2018

So that’s the first month 2018 almost done and dusted (okay, admittedly done with very little dusting), and it’s time for another set of word prompts, for February. Same deal as for January, I’ve created a printable grid (download here) with 28 daily word prompts. Print it, pick up a pen or pencil, don’t overthink it, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to it every day.

Drawing Word Prompts from Marion Boddy-Evans for February 2018

I’ll share what my January sheet looks like tomorrow (spoiler alert: it’s been done in pencil only and has so many blank spots that I’m tempted to quickly fill those in today, so let me declare now that it’s got 13 block drawn so I can’t cheat), along with that of an artist friend (spoiler alert: it’s what I wish mine looked like).

Additional photo submissions are welcome! Just email it to me at art(a)marion.scot with a note as to how you want it credited or if you want it shared anonymously. Or post a comment below and let me know how many blocks you did in January.

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31 Word Prompts to Jumpstart a Drawing Habit in 2018


I wonder how many people promised themselves a year ago that they would absolutely, definitely, cross-your-heart draw or sketch or paint every single day, and how many have promised themselves it again for 2018. If that’s you, cut yourself a little slack, forgive yourself for the failure to keep that resolution, and don’t set yourself up to fail again.

Promise yourself this instead: that you’ll draw more days than not, measured across a fortnight or a month. And let the little, quick doodles and drawings count too, not only the “serious drawings”.

To help you jumpstart a regular drawing habit, I’ve created a printable grid with a daily word prompt (download it). It gives a suggestion and a space for a tiny drawing, which you could do quickly while you wait for the kettle to boil or on hold on the phone.

Draw-prompts-Jan2018-MBEDon’t over-think or over-complicate it, just do something, there’s no right or wrong. The first block is straightforward — you up for this, yes or no?

Send me a photo of your grid at the end of January and I’ll post it on my blog with next month’s word prompts. No prizes, not even if you do all the blocks earlier, it’s a long-distance race not a sprint, about building artistic stamina and habit one small step at a time.