Sheep (Paintings) Herded South

A flock of my small sheep paintings and I are headed south for the weekend, to the SECC in Glasgow for the Country Living Christmas Fair (Thursday to Saturday). The painting that would have filled the row top right the in-house art critic liked so much it’s staying in my studio for now, and two festive red backgrounds have gone to Skyeworks. Which is your favourite?

Three other little ones, on A5 sized boards rather than canvas, are on their way to Patchings Art Centre near Nottingham for another festive exhibition. (My camera has blown out the colours somewhat, unfortunately) These were mostly done with acrylic inks, which on the absorbent boards gave watercolour-like results. I had great trouble stopping, not doing yet another little tweak on a cloud. Ultimately the need to get them in the post was what stopped me.

FREE TICKETS: I have 30 free tickets to give away for the Country Living Christmas Fair in Glasgow at the weekend. I haven’t checked how many are still left, but head to the online ticket office and try the promo code CLGLA012.

Photos: Spot My Paintings in the Time & Tide Charity Art Exhibition

A week in, about half of the paintings have been sold in Skyeworks Gallery’s “Time & Tide” 2017 charity exhibition, supporting Scottish Autism. A big thank you to everyone!

You can view all the paintings on Skyeworks’ website or on Facebook page, which has the advantage that you can add a like to your favourites and easily message the gallery if you’d like one of the still-available paintings.

The paintings are all the same size (10x10inches or 25x25cm) and same price (?85, of which the artist gets ?50 unless they choose to donate this). The exhibition is anonymous so you find out who the artist is only after you’ve bought it. There are paintings by full-time and part-time artists, occasional artists and first-time exhibitors. Last I looked, not all of my submissions had been sold yet, though you’ll have to guess which these are, I’m not telling. (In the photos, white dots are for favourite, red dot indicates sold.)

I’m particularly delighted that three paintings created by workshop participants have sold, including these two:
Paintings sold at 2017 Skyeworks Gallery charity exhibition by workshop participants

These are photos of my paintings that have sold.

Impasto seascape painting by Marion Boddy-Evans
A little different for me as it’s mostly wet-on-wet Impasto (thick paint). Applied with knife and brush. A bit of finer brushwork once it had dried, plus some inadvertent semi-opaque bubbles on the sea where I wiped off some white.
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a shiny coppery undercolour to this seascape.

Yellow vase and sunflowers painting by Marion Boddy-Evans

And something rather different, that had its beginnings as a demo piece in a workshop and then took on a life of its own. It’s weird and wacky, but I like this. I very nearly kept it for myself.

weird sheep painting by Marion Boddy-Evans

Skyeworks Gallery: Open Call for Artists 2017 Charity Exhibition

Skyeworks Gallery Charity Exhibition 2017

Skyeworks Gallery has issued an open call to all artists for the 2017 charity exhibition, which takes place from 29 July to 12 August. The theme this year is Time & Tide and the nominated charity is Scottish Autism.

Artists are required to submit artworks that have a wall size/ finished dimension of 25x25cm/ 10″x10″. There is no limit on the number of submissions, however they should not be signed on the front of the work. Cost per entry is ?5 and blank canvases are available to purchase at Skyeworks.

Artworks will all be sold at a set price of ?85, and artists will receive payment for sold work, with a set percentage going to the charity. Artists may wish to donate the entire amount, and would be very welcome to do so.

Artwork needs to be at Skyeworks no later than 20 July 2017.

For further details please email

Yes, I shall be submitting some paintings to this exhibition. Yes. photos will be shared on Skyeworks’ Facebook page once the exhibition is open. No, I can’t share photos of my paintings because the sale is anonymous, you find out who created a piece only after you’ve bought it, that’s part of the fun. No, you shouldn’t assume every painting of a sheep is by me. Last time one of my paintings was a still life with an apple.

New Painting: Lambing Snow Showers Seascape

This new seascape painting is headed to Skyeworks Gallery this morning. It’s inspired, as many of my painting are, by the changing light over the Minch, this time the dance of late snow showers blowing in from the north. Known as lambing snow, because it comes after some lambs have already been born (though hereabouts most crofters lamb late to avoid it). Ne’er cast a clout till May be out and all that.

Moods of the Minch: Lambing Snow Showers Painting
Moods of the Minch: Lambing Snow Shower. 140x70cm (diptych, two panels of 70x70cm each). ?695. At Skyeworks Gallery
Detail from Lambing Snow Seascape
A detail, showing the layers.

It’s done as a diptych, two 70x70cm canvases making it 140x70cm. This makes transporting it (and shipping if needed) so much easier. But also varnishing! Disadvantage is there’s more edge to paint.

Photos: My Colours of Spring Exhibition

Inchmore Colours of Spring Exhibition #9

My “Colours of Spring” solo exhibition has opened at Inchmore Gallery near Inverness, accompanied by new chainmaille jewellery by Alistair, and work by Shelagh J Ceramics and Namdoog Ceramics. Here are some snapshots I took yesterday (better photos of the larger paintings on my website here). If you’re interested in any painting, please contact Jane at Inchmore directly.

Inchmore Colours of Spring Exhibition Majestic Minch
This large seascape is also at Inchmore, plus a few of my flower paintings.

Countdown to “Colours of Spring” Exhibition

So that’s all my paintings and Alistair’s new chainmaille jewellery delivered to Inchmore Gallery for the “Colours of Spring” exhibition opening on the afternoon of Saturday 8th April. It was a bit of a Tetris puzzle getting a baker’s dozen of large paintings into the car, plus an assortment of new flock members and flower/sea studies on either 15x15cm or 15x20cm canvas.

This photo was taken in my studio as I was packing up.

Small Paintings for Colours of Spring Exhibition by Marion Boddy-Evans Isle of Skye artist
15x15cm and 15x20cm. Available from Inchmore Gallery in April.

I’m now taking a creative break, that is I’m going on a week’s intensive life drawing workshop. My pencil and eraser are in my pocket — so much easier than packing for a painting workshop!

If you’re near Inverness on April the 8th, I hope to see you at the exhibition opening. Photos of the paintings will be online in due course.

April Exhibition Alert: “Colours of Spring”

Next month, Saturday 8 April, sees the opening of my “Colours of Spring” paintings exhibition at Inchmore Gallery near Inverness (Google map). There’ll be an opening event in the afternoon and everyone’s invited!

Alongside my paintings there’ll be work by three other Skye makers: the intricate chainmaille jewellery by Alistair (my significant other), the stoneware of Namdoog Ceramics and the earthenware of Shelagh J Ceramics.

I’ve a couple of Shelagh’s coasters in her beautiful aqua glaze in my studio, and the patterns in them always make me think of waves and seaweed.

Paintings by Marion Boddy-Evans coaster by Shelagh J Ceramics Skye

I will have photos of my paintings on my website once the exhibition is open. Right now I’m finishing a few paintings, varnishing, painting edges, deciding on titles, taking photos, and all those other things that are essential but less fun than painting.

Photos: My Interlude Exhibition Paintings

Interlude Exhibition

Interlude ExhibitionI’ve finally got photos of the paintings in my Interlude exhibition up as a photo gallery on my paintings website here. And if you scroll down this page a bit, there’s a short video of the exhibition. Thoughts and feedback through the comments section at the bottom of this blog or by email) would be appreciated as florals are new territory for me.

A few notes: All these paintings are currently on show at Skyeworks Gallery; larger photos and/or details can be emailed on request. The gallery can ship paintings worldwide, either as is (flat) or taken off stretchers and rolled (cheaper posting, and a framer will be able to restretch it). The UK pound is at a 30-year low against the US dollar. The exhibition catalogue, which has most (not all) of the paintings in it, is ?9.50 from Skyeworks (plus postage). Contact Skyeworks Gallery.

Pausing for Bit

Artist Marion Boddy-EvansPaint brushes lie idle;
Paint tubes unopened.

The varnish is dry;
Strings have been strung.
Titles given;

Paintings hung.

The last decision:
which shirt
will distract the most from
the trousers
that have the least paint on them.

Today my Interlude exhibition opens at Skyeworks, the end of a chapter (the making thereof)? and beginning of a new (the response). I’m excited and trepidatious, energised and exhausted, keen to be painting again yet also to reflect on what I’ve just done.

I will still get photos of the paintings onto my website, I will still add the new cards and prints to my webshop, I will still write blogs with photos taken while working on my Interlude paintings, but come this evening, after the opening, I’m going to press pause for a few days. Thank you for your enthusiasm, support and help in making Interlude happen.

My wirework daisy chains against Skyeworks' natural-light roof.
My wirework daisy chains against Skyeworks’ natural-light roof.

Repeat How Many Times?

This is a week focused around the “admin” tasks of preparing for the hanging of my Interlude exhibition at Skyeworks on Sunday. It includes adding d-rings and wire to every painting, plus writing the details on the back, which means deciding on a name for each. Repeat more than 30 times and I’ve begun to question the wisdom of having so many small paintings. The solution is, of course, to do it as I declared a painting finished, but it’s too late now; maybe next time. (Yeah, in the same way I always paint the edges first.)

Good news is that my catalogue has arrived and I’m pleased with it (few minor typos aside) and my new greetings cards are due for delivery today. That means tomorrow’s task is bribing my Mum with frangipan tarts and scones from the Skye Baking Company to put the cards into polybags with an envelope (hardest part is dealing with the little tear-off strip on the glue which static-attaches itself to your fingers very determinedly).

After that is the pricelist and editing photos and … there’s still a lot to get done, but I’m very excited. I’ll send out a newsletter (subscribe here) when I get the photos added to my paintings website (after the opening on Monday).

Detail: Four Small Daffodil Paintings
Detail: Four Small Daffodil Paintings

Back of Small Daffodil Paintings

Detail: Four Small Tree Paintings
Detail: Four Small Tree Paintings
Back of Small Tree Paintings
Oops, either I strung the top left-hand one the wrong way up or I wrote the title on the wrong way up.