Studio Storage Solutions: Paper

Paper Storage in my studio

Now I’ve know that drawing and watercolour paper ought be stored flat, in an environment that’s neither too hot nor cold and definitely never humid, out of direct sunlight, away from studio cats wanting to sleep on it. And I’ve drooled over the photos of those big plans chests* with the numerous shallow drawers that never stick (in my dreams). But reality is I haven’t space for one, nevermind the saga of getting it delivered to Skye.

What I am currently using are plastic portfolio bags in various sizes (A4, A3, A2). They’re not the prettiest of things, but they’re practical. It means I can store paper vertically, stash it under a table, move it easily, and being clear can see what is in each. For thinner paper, I’ve also got a piece of card in to stop it bending over.

Paper Storage in my studio

Some have new paper, others have finished paintings, almost-happy-with paintings, works in progress or abandoned. One has scraps of paper to satisfy that “waste not” need and another has pieces workshop participants have left behind for one reason for another but I like.

It’s handy that I can open the top and flick through the contents or grab a fresh sheet of paper. Because they hold only that much, they don’t get too heavy to move, unlike a box.

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