Lessons from Nature in Sea Colours

Yesterday afternoon the light on the sea was particularly beautiful.

Looking south, there was a lesson about how the? colours of the sky influence the colour of the sea.

How the colour of the sky impacts on the colour of the ses

Looking east, the rule about always painting the sea darker than the sky was turned on its head.

Late Afternoon Light on the Sea

Looking west, into the setting sun (having driven from Staffin around the top of the Trotternish Peninsula), a lesson in how clouds can influence the colour of the sea.

Late Afternoon Light on the Minch, Skye

My Head in the Clouds

Driving home yesterday from my usual Saturday at Skyeworks, I was compelled to stop and take some snaps of the clouds. The light was simply too beautiful and dramatic to resist. (I also thought the group of photographers I’d passed at Uig Hotel with their tripods and long lenses aimed at the incoming ferry were in the wrong spot!)

Clouds Over Trotternish 3

Clouds Over Trotternish 1
The rectangular shape in the photo above is the “allow people to pass” single-track roadsign, not the megalith from the film “2001”.

Clouds Over Trotternish 2

The layers of light and dark, the light pinks and yellows behind the purple darks, the streaks of rain connecting land and clod, the calm blues above the drama. The photos were taking facing north. The sun was low on the horizon, and behind me on the left.

There are various contemporary Scottish landscape artists whose compositions are dominated by clouds, which is one of the reasons I’ve mainly created compositions with only a sliver of sky. But it’s tempting to add cloudscapes to my seascapes…

Pink & Purple Sky at Night, Painter’s Delight

Three days into 2015 and there’s a sunset I felt compelled to photograph. A reminder of the rich purples in the clouds, and evidence for when someone says “clouds aren’t that colour”. No photo editing, merely point and shoot through the window, it being too cold to hold a camera steady without a tripod outside.
Skye Sunset 3 January 2015 #3
Skye Sunset 3 January 2015 #1 Skye Sunset 3 January 2015 #2