Check a Composition by the Painting’s Title

Sunday morning, studio cat Ghost and I are sitting in the chair listening to Beethoven’s ninth and the birdsong, reading a ‘new’ book that arrived from a secondhand bookshop in the States.

I like these older books because they tend to have more in them, more thoughts and less how-to broken down to the nth. While the photos may be black and white, they’re full of gems that require “reading with a pencil”. Like this:

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  1. I love those old books on painting and old art history books too. I have several. One of my favorites is called “Adventures in Art”, it’s a text book of sorts for either teachers or young people on different ways to appreciate different kinds of art making, everything from painting, printing, sculpture, textiles and more. I love this book, it gives me so many ideas for my own creating. I really enjoy your post even though I don’t comment on many. I especially love the ones where you post pictures on what you’re working on at the time and the progress of your work.

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