Commissioned Sheep Painting: Love View

I was asked by someone who got married on Skye this summer if I would create a sheep painting for her in which the weather was sunny and the Cuillin were in the background. A few other details in the composition also relate to the occasion. This animated .gif is a sequence of photos taken while it was in progress:
WIP: Sheep Layers

Here’s the almost-final painting, and a detail from it showing the tiny flock on the hillside. The title the in-house critic and I agreed on: “Love View“.

Commissioned Isle of Skye sheep painting
Size: 50x50cm
Commissioned painting

Size: 50x50cm

2 Replies to “Commissioned Sheep Painting: Love View”

  1. miss our interaction of the past…but enjoy being in touch still…
    You have been my great encourager, when it gets tough to “do it again” after a picture gets set aside!
    Thank you

    1. When the going gets tough, the tough painter keeps going… or something like that. Not every painting is going to end up where we wish it to be, but does contribute to those that do!

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