How My “Dancing Skye Daisies” Painting Got Its Name

How "Dancing Skye Daisies" Painting Got Its NameSomething unexpected happened this week that led to my latest flower painting getting its name. After I posted a comment on Facebook saying it still needed a title and suggestions were welcome, I had a message from a teacher at one of Skye’s primary schools asking if I would let the children in her class name it for me. As if that weren’t delightful enough, I then discovered they had studied me as a local artist earlier this year and were very inspired by my artwork. Wow.

The class came up with a long list of suggestions and after much discussion they combined the top two into their final name suggestion: Dancing Skye Daisies. This was because the painting was done on Skye and they thought it looked as though the daisies were dancing in the breeze.

It’s a thoughtful, apt title, and I love it.

Yesterday, by arrangement, I popped in to show the class the painting in real life and chatted a little about it (including how the grass also looks like seaweed and the sky like water). Consensus was that it was much bigger than they thought!

My thanks to all for the very special event that will be treasured, along with the story behind the name “Dancing Skye Daisies“.
Details from daisies and foxgloves commissioned painting

Dancing Skye Daisies, 120x60cm, acrylic on canvas

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  1. I was talking to the children’s teacher last night and she was saying what a great time they all had naming the painting. And what a very good name for the picture too.

    1. I’m so pleased she asked! I was impressed with the art being done by her class and the children’s enthusiasm for it was infectious.

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