Drawing Word Prompts for December

Ready for another month of drawing prompts? Here’s December’s chart!

Question now is, what about next year? Same words? New words? Something completely different? Something that’ll take a little longer? How about a monthly photo reference painting challenge? What are your thoughts?

4 Replies to “Drawing Word Prompts for December”

  1. I’ve enjoyed the quickness of these and in particular the challenge of the more descriptive words. So for me new words – even though I’ve just ordered the 365 word prompt book.

  2. How about design elements and principles? Line (real and implied, weight); shape (irregular and geometric – at least 15 different); texture (real and implied); value (from dark to light), perspective (linear and atmospheric); illusion of space/depth (overlapping, size relationships, etc.).

    1. I like this idea very much, though wonder if it’s a little intangible for absolute beginners, how much explanation/examples it might need. But have added to my ideas list, thank you Jim.

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