2016 Solo Exhibition: Interlude

Solo Exhibition at Skyeworks Gallery in Portree, 2016

“Ethereal and eerie and pretty all at the same time.”
— artist Katie Tunn

“Very excited to see roses painted this way, especially the miniature single heads, very intimate yet showy at the same time.” — E.

My 2016 solo exhibition at Skyeworks features a new subject, roses, inspired by the rambling pink roses growing so enthusiastically outside my studio. I’m not aiming for traditional flower still lifes, but more like colourfields (think: my love of Rothko’s paintings) based on flowers. Patterns and colour tied to reality. The dance between abstract and reality; now you see it as a pattern and now it’s a rose. The joy of flowers, whilst simultaneously being fragile and ever-changing as blooms open fully and then fade.