Figuring It Out (aka Life Drawing)

I’m away for the weekend for a little creative R&R, on a life drawing/painting workshop being led by Alan McGowan for Art Lochaber. Besides the creative stimulation (and break from the varnishing, stringing and admin for my forthcoming exhibition), I was hoping to build on what I’d done last November. I printed out my notes to myself from that workshop, and did today find myself mentally referring to some points (e.g. positioning the angle of the head by looking at where the mouth was in relation to a mental line drawing across the shoulders). I’m pleased with what I produced, especially the tonal ‘lift-off-the-paint’ Rembrandty one, but as for being less heavy handed with charcoal, well that’s still on my to-be-improved list. Apologies, the photos are mere phone snaps.

3 minute figure gesture drawings
Three gesture drawings; three minute poses. Charcoal on A2.
5 minute figure gesture drawing
Five minute pose. Charcoal on A2.
10 minute gesture life drawing
10 minute pose. Charcoal on A2.
20 minute charcoal figure drawing
20 minute pose. Charcoal on A2.
Life painting with graphite and solvent
Graphite and solvent on acrylic primed paper, plus white oil paint. A2.
Life painting
Working from dark to light. Mixture of burnt sienna and Prussian blue (both transparent pigments) mixed with a little linseed oil to slow drying, on primed paper. Wipeaway with cloth and brush/solvent to get highlights.

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