Five Small Flower Paintings (Which is Your Favourite?)

When creating Dancing Skye Daisies I was also working on a few smaller paintings (15x20cm/6×8″), but these had only got about three-quarters finished. Today I had another round with them, and think they’re just about there but will decide tomorrow when there’s good light again. (Specifically: 1. whether there’s enough light, or whether it’s all too mid- tone and dark; 2. whether there wants to be more ‘foxglove pink’? as it seems? bit purple.)

In the meantime I’ve been trying to decide which is my favourite. At the moment it’s a tie between #1 and #3 (counting from the left).

Five Small Flower Paintings by Isle of Skye artist Marion Boddy-Evans
Five Small Flower Paintings. Each 15x20cm. Acrylic on canvas. If you’re trying to figure out the logistics of what’s in this photo, the flower paintings are hanging on large clips I put on the edge of a shelf; the others are dry early-works-in-progress lying flat on a lower shelf behind them.

18 Replies to “Five Small Flower Paintings (Which is Your Favourite?)”

  1. #3-I like the best because the white flowers each has distinct leaves and are not overwhelming in number. The tall flowers are
    in good proportion and don’t overwhelm the painting.

  2. Tough decision, but I think number five edges out the others. It could be the lighting; the daisies seem to pop out of the picture.

    1. I think the top layer of whites on the daisies in #5 are the cleanest; I might still add a little pure white to the others when they’re dry.

  3. I liked # 1. I looked at the flowers and then past the flowers, then back again. It made me linger in the painting.

  4. I like no.3 best. This is probably because the contrast between the background and flowers is greater and from a distance I would be able to read it more easily. The varying heights of the taller flowers and also the smaller white flowers, with some more detailed than others, is very pleasing.
    I should add that I am not an artist, but I do enjoy dabbling and really enjoy other people’s work.

  5. #1 and four, They are less static and make me see more of the total painting. The flowers tend to line in diagonal steps in the others. Also like the colors better.

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