Flowing #1 (Any Suggestions for a Title?)

My “More Sunshine?” painting may still be a work in progress, but here’s another I’ve been working on that I have decided is finished. Which isn’t to say there aren’t things I could do, and am tempted to do, but those ideas will be used in another painting.

This is inspired by one of the many streams that run into the sea around Skye. It doesn’t have a title yet (suggestions welcome in the comments section below!) but will be part of my solo exhibition at Skyeworks over Easter (the working title for the exhibition is “Flowing”; suggestions welcome too!). Scroll down for a detail photo, then a few taken of its progress.

Ebb & Flow Exhibition paintings river
Size: 50x100cm (20×40″)


Ebb and Flow Paintings Exhibition

Ebb & Flow Exhibition: River #1 Step by step
1. The underpainting had some vibrant colours; specks of this are still visible in the finished painting. It adds a liveliness. 2. Refining the shapes of the hills and foreground rocks, trying to think big shapes and not get stuck into detail. 3. Muting the colours. 4. Starting to add white rapids to the river. 5. Glazing to put the right-hand bank into shadow. 6. Adding light onto the hills and a little purple-pink heather too me to brushes-down stage.


9 Replies to “Flowing #1 (Any Suggestions for a Title?)”

  1. I think ‘flowing’ is a great title. It gives prominence to the Stream. Perhaps ‘Flowing under the Sunshine’ it would refer to a sunny day and would appoint to a Sun that is not present in reality, but because of its effects, the glare on the water. The painting is fantastic.

  2. I like this very much, Marion. The abstract painting techniques you incorporate into this (and most of your works) is great to see. The white paint splatters across the surface of the water creates a realistic glare using an abstract pattern. Well done!

  3. Marion congratulations to find your favorite title for your great work. Only the artist knows what she wants to convey with his work and its title is a clue to the viewer. Thank you for sharing

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