Fluorescent Orange Polar Bears & More

I’ve been painting miniatures, most of which will become brooches and pendants in my Wearable Art range. I had a mishap with the fluorescent orange paint, it coming out the container a little too enthusiastically, resulting in a puddle of it on one brooch, which is why the two polar bears ended up that colour.

Miniature Paintings in Progress
In case you were wondering about the surface I’m working on, it’s the back of a canvas still wrapped in plastic. Why is not some great mystery (nor connected to polar bears in some sort of obscure Lost reference); it’s simply that it was within reach when I needed a flat surface. And the polar bears won’t remain orange, they’ll be overpainted with iridescent white so there’s only a hint of it.

There’s one brooch with black that looks like a Rorschach test to me (photo below). It may well get another layer of paint or it may be one I keep, depending on how I feel about it tomorrow when the paint’s dry.

Miniature Painting: Rorschach Ghost
Tell me what you see…!


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  1. “Lava flowing over black rock”. I love it. one time my wife and I were sailing past an island with a volcano at night and saw lava flowing down into the sea. A lot like your brooch in red and black. Lots of steam when the lava hit the ocean.

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