For Nervous Workshop Participants

As I look ahead to Sunday’s workshop at Higham Hall, I’m excited and nervous, wondering who’ll be on it, who I’ll be meeting and working with, travelling with on a painting journey for which I’m the guide, whether the last spots will be taken by a last-minute booking, whether anyone will be wearing perfume that makes me sneeze, and what breakthrough moments there might be and what surprises. It’s both a joy and an anxiety.

Thankfully the latter is relieved and the former enhanced by having some participants who’ve done workshops with me before, and I look forward to travelling together for a few days again. I’ve some new worksheets, so don’t think you know exactly what to expect! To those doing a workshop with me for the first time, I hope you’ll be reassured that there are other participants who’re coming for the second and third time, so I must be doing something right. It’s going to be a fun, rewarding week, with time for hard work and relaxation, plus all the delicious food that Higham puts in front of us, thinking about which is making me hope it’ll include Pavlova one evening again.

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2 Replies to “For Nervous Workshop Participants”

  1. Thank you Marion for your words of wosdom and gems. I am scared and excited to meet everyone on Sunday. Lots of big firsts for me. See you sunday

    1. It’ll be fun. (And I don’t do the round the table and introduce yourself thing, we paint name badges on Sunday evening instead while I chat to everyone individually).

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