Four (Big) Sheep Paintings for Easter

Four of my new (big) sheep paintings will be on display by Easter (next weekend). One will be at Inchmore Gallery near Inverness (along with Wodeland) and three at Skyeworks Gallery in Portree (along with Listening to Twigs Fall and Cross Currents). I have a hard time picking a favourite amongst these, and the choice of what went to Inchmore was made on size (it’s a slightly smaller canvas). Do post a comment and let me know which is your favourite, and why.

Sheep Painting: Summertime by Marion Boddy-Evans
At Skyeworks Gallery.
Sheep Painting: After You by Marion Boddy-Evans
After You.
At Skyeworks Gallery.
Sheep Painting: Tea for Two by Marion Boddy-Evans
SOLD. Tea for Two. 100x100cm.
Sheep Painting: Seaside Holiday by Marion Boddy-Evans
Seaside Holiday.
At Inchmore Gallery.

15 Replies to “Four (Big) Sheep Paintings for Easter”

  1. I’m having a hard time picking my favorite as well. I like how the weather is a it different in each, but if I were to choose it would be the top one. I like the clouds. Great work in all four!

  2. I love them all, however, I like “Summertime” the best.. I like having the grassy area behind the sheep heads and the rolling hill behind them. Their little heads seem more alert than the others and inquisitive.

    In ALL the paintings, I really enjoy the colors, the purples in the grass and especially the drippy drips on “Tea for Two” Your blues are perfect. Blue is my favorite color but there are lots of variations and your blues have vibrance and calming at the same time. The water in “Seaside Holiday” has motion and depth. I can almost hear the waves crashing.

    Thanks for displaying these paintings… made my day

  3. I really like “Summertime.” Something about the far off shore just draws the eye and keeps you moving around the painting.

  4. I like Seaside Holiday best. Not sure why but I like the water in that one. I also like the little guy in front.

  5. In “After You” I love the wool running down into the tall grasses. Because “summertime” Uses warm colors to set off the sheep, l will pick that one. Textures are fantastic! Thanks for showing them.

  6. I’m liking #4, seaside holiday the best. Something about the three sheep in foreground appeals in particular.

  7. All these pictures tell me that Skye is really suiting you, as if something has been liberated. I can’t single out one, they all make me smile and I feel better for setting eyes on each of them.

  8. Every one is fantastic but my favourite is Tea for Two. The rainy sky over the hills caught me. I love all your work anyway

  9. My favourite is Summertime. I love the sunny atmosphere of the meadow, in which the sheep are standing. Beautiful work on all pieces.

  10. I like seaside holiday. Love the “baby” and the reds in grass. All are great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’m going to have to pick Seaside Holiday, It was a difficult choice based purely on how the painting made me feel. Even though it was named with a holiday in mind I felt they were stranded looking for a way back. My second choice would have been tea for two Really nice work Marion. Wish I lived “over there”. The land of my ancestors. Lovely.

  12. I like “Summertime” best because the sinusoidal curve of the yellow-green grasses in the foreground echoes the curves of the clouds and the hills. Also, I like the greens and yellows, and the rolling waves are very effective.

    I also like the other paintings. In particular, I like the complexity of the foreground colours as well as the deep purples in the water in “After You.” In “Seaside Holiday,” I like the pose of the three sheep and the foxgloves (is that what they are?). And “Tea For Two” looks stormy and atmospheric.

  13. We saw these at the Portree gallery today and loved them. We spent a long time deliberating and eventually bought Tea for Two. I love the sea in that one. It seemed to me that it had been rainy, but the sun was coming out. We’ve spent the last week in Skye in a cottage surrounded by sea and sheep, and this painting will remind us of our time here.

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