Four More Little Goldfish

The response to my “The One That Won?t Swim Away” little goldfish painting inspired me to have a go at creating a few more for the Fish Exhibition at Skyeworks Gallery. Not quite a repeat of what I’d done because “my fish” has some texture on the surface, and also strongly motivated to do “without hesitation” because there wasn’t much time.

These four little goldfish were the result, and I was delighted that one sold on the opening day of the exhibition.

Four little goldfish paintings

Here they are in Skyeworks, plus my other three fish paintings done on canvas:
Paintings at Fish Exhibition at Skyeworks by Marion Boddy-Evans

Don’t be misled by how neat and tidy they look lined up. This photo of them on my desk while I was waiting for the varnish to dry is more representative of the organized chaos they were created in.

Little goldfish paintings

For those curious about what else is in this photo:

  • The goldfish in the frame is painted on a page from a tiny dictionary I found languishing in a secondhand bookshop in York, on the page with the entry for “fish”. It was done the same time as “my goldfish” and is now also in Skyeworks.
  • The little circle with the fish on still needs to get a dimensional glaze over it and will probably become a piece of wearable art as either a brooch or necklace.
  • The ink in the glass jars labelled “ink” is shellac-based rather than acrylic ink, I’ve been playing with it on a strip watercolour paper testing out a workshop activity idea.
  • The pink sunset on the right is the new photo-reference booklet for my Captureing Skye workshop coming up at Higham Hall. (I’ll have copies at Patchings Art Festival.)
  • The mug with my brushes in is from Cath Ball of Stitched Ceramics (and is a “seconds” with a small crack on the handle, so it’s not sacrilegious to use like this).
  • The little bit of black cloth is for cleaning my specs.
  • The black tin on the left is my every-colour-I-have watercolour set that the in-house critic bought for me (as an empty tin).

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