Fresh Off the Easel: Sheep Painting With No Name

I don’t have a title for it yet (do post a comment if you’ve suggestions, other than “mutton dressed as lamb”), and it still needs to be varnished, but I’ve declared the first of the four big (100x100cm) sheep paintings I’m working on finished.





4 Replies to “Fresh Off the Easel: Sheep Painting With No Name”

    1. Hi Edith,
      I use Golden’s satin varnish, two layers, having first applied an isolation coat which is either satin or gloss glazing medium (also Golden) and left to dry 24 hours. I like it because it enriches the colours but doesn’t create a glare like gloss varnish can.

  1. Hi, Your sheep are wondering “What You Are” or “What Is It”.., I love it that they seem to be questioning you. Marty E

  2. I love lambs and sheep.. my initial are LAM!

    Marion… your paintings capture the wildness of the sky and water and even the grass seems to be waving in the wind. The sheep looking out have an inquisitive tilt to their heads. I would name this painting “I see you!”

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