Getting Surreal with Lava Paste

Lava pasteKnow those dreams where you wake up but it’s vividly stuck in your head even though you’re awake? Last night I had a dream in which I overheard someone saying snide things about my paintings ending with “when an artist gets desperate they use lava paste”. I woke up with the thought “what the [expletive]” but now I’m amused as to why it was lava paste.

After all, I also use plain texture paste far more, plus glass-bead paste occasionally; the use of lava is rather new to me. It’s also true I have a work-in-progress I’ve been pondering in which I’ve used lava paste, but not very much of it. It’s the black stuff in the work-in-progress photo below.

Painting WIP Quairang Lava Paste

Maybe I’ll dream the next chapter in this soapie tonight? Though it’d be more useful to dream about where to go with this painting.

5 Replies to “Getting Surreal with Lava Paste”

  1. hahaha I’ve had dreams like that…our minds are amazing… and a constant source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I’ve never heard of lava paste! Will look out for it. I do know that the N of Skye is made of lava flows so you’ve got it on your doorstep or you could even say ‘the floor is lava’!

  3. I love Lava paste. Its life changing goop. Its my go to pot of late and its good for everything from shadows to outlining, but especially dry brush techniques. Glad it comes in a big pot.

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