Higham Hall Workshop: Capturing Skye #3

A few last photos from my recent painting workshop at Higham Hall, and my thanks to everyone — workshop participants and the team at Higham — for an inspiring week.

Higham Hall Class of May 2017 painting
Class of May 2017
Higham Hall Workshop: Studio
“The Circle of Creativity” aka tables in the main area of the studio.

Higham Hall Workshop: Studio Work

Higham Hall Workshop: Sunset painting
Colours that came out of us exploring “interesting greys”, which then proved perfect for a painting inspired by one of my sunset photos.
Higham Hall Workshop: Student Work on Orange Ground start
Painting on an coloured ground, and focusing on painting faster, not considering every single brush stroke too meticulously but trusting the process.
Higham Hall Workshop: Student Work on Orange Ground
The painting above, a bit later on Thursday.
Higham Hall Workshop: Gold paint
To any art groups out there with members who suddenly arrive with tubes of gold and bronze. Yes, it’s all my fault. Once you’ve got over the shock, you might ask to try a bit yourself.
Higham Hall Workshop: Detail from Painting
Tiny detail of a painting that “rewards close looking”.

I’ll be doing another “Capturing Skye in Expressive Acrylics/Watercolours” workshop at Higham Hall next April, and possibly something in October/November 2018 too. Contact Higham Hall to ‘register an interest’ and you’ll be amongst the first to know the details.

You can read feedback on this workshop on my Higham profile page here.

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