A Personal Monday Motivator: Hours and Hours of Sunshine

There are many reasons I love living on Skye. The long daylight hours for much of the year is definitely one. Sunrise today was at 05:12 and sunset will be at 21:29 (and it’s more than a month to solstice so the days get even longer). All those hours for painting in the natural light in my studio, plus a leisurely picnic lunch in the sunshine without the pressure of feeling I’m “wasting the day away”. For warmer-clime friends shivering at the 20?C, it’s tshirt weather here; Friday will be jumper weather again and back to what you probably regard as “normal” Skye weather.

Sunshine May2016

One of the paintings I’ll be working on today is this new 100x100cm tree painting. This photo is from yesterday, when I was adding iridescent pearl onto what will be silver-birch trees.
Adding Silver Birches to a painting

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