How I Do It : Splattering Paint

So having discovered my phone has a slow-motion option on its videos, I’ve been playing with it a bit. This short clip shows how I splatter paint, a technique I use a lot for my sheep and seascape paintings.

It’s a “happy accident” technique you learn to control through practice. The consistency of the paint is crucial, and that you learn through trial-and-error.

If you don’t see the video above, click on this link.

The quality of the video isn’t brilliant because it was done late afternoon in low winter light. And imagine my phone balance precariously on my tripod, held by various bulldogclips. Perhaps I ought to set a Patreon goal that relates to better video equipment?

2 Replies to “How I Do It : Splattering Paint”

  1. Fascinating! Thank you. Could you explain how you set up the paint on your finger/glove? Not sure I understand that. Love your work and your inspirations.

    1. Good question Laura, as it identifies what’s missing from the video! The brush is primarily loaded with (sloppy) paint from my palette, that I partially reload it from what’s ended up on my finger is “waste not, want not” paint usage. My finger is used as the surface that I hit the brush against to cause the splatter, it helps me direction the splatter to some extent. Hope this makes sense!

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