Human Anatomy: Knowing & Seeing More

I’m doing Alan McGowan‘s Anatomy for Artists workshop again, over two weekends (read about the first time on my blog and on Artist Daily). This time round, I’m finding the info is really consolidating and, to my delight, I’m seeing it [the theoretical knowledge] more readily on the life models. My drawings are mostly a record of what I’ve seen, full of annotation. I’ve been working small (25x25cm sketchbook) to help me concentrate on looking and seeing rather than getting distracting with “making a nice life drawing”. Here are a couple of examples:

Drawings to Learn Human Anatomy

As before, Alan McGowan is creating a large, layered drawing as he teaches. Here’s a part of it, along with one of his skeletons:

Anatomy Workshop
Part of the on-going demo drawing Alan McGowan creates during his workshop.

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