I Live in In a Rothko Painting…with Snow

Dramatic snow-laden clouds, snow-lit hills… this is my favourite photo from January.

Snow on Harris
Looking northwest, towards Harris.

And a few other of my favourites of snow so far this winter:

Snow on Harris
When the clouds lift, the snow is revealed. Amazing how near the outer isles can seem when the air is really cold.
Those aren't sheep or deer tracks, but cracks in ice on a loch
Those aren’t sheep or deer tracks, but cracks in ice on a loch
Snow at Glencoe
At that almost-compulsory photo parking place in Glencoe.

Snow and trees

Snow: Rannoch Moor looking north
Rannoch Moor looking north

Snow: Rannoch Moor looking west

8 Replies to “I Live in In a Rothko Painting…with Snow”

  1. Your photos represent the intensity, power and beauty found in nature – practically in your own backyard. I see why you refer to Rothko. These photos have great potential for color field paintings. The pigments are so pure and definitely evoke a mood. Thank you for sharing images of such magnificence.

    1. The wide open view from my studio gives bands of colour (croftland, sea, outer isles, sky) that change so much; I find it mesmerizing. This morning only the tips of the hills on Harris have snow, as if someone’s dipped them in white chocolate like you would the tips of strawberries.

  2. your photos took my breath away
    love reading your blogs and following your artist life
    thank you so much for sharing

  3. Wonderful pictures Marion. I think the artist that is in each of us can see the beauty of where we live, be it an urban or a rural environment but you are certainly blessed to be living in a magical landscape.

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