Incoming Tide: Always Stopping But Never Stops

The sea makes a tired sound
That’s always stopping though it never stops.

“Fetching Cows” by Norman MacCaig

I’ve been exploring an idea related to the incoming tide, those tentacles of water that slither up the beach reaching further and further while simultaneously always sliding back. Always stopping but never stopped. Paint that is always drying but never dry if I keep adding to a painting.

Incoming Tide paintings by Skye artist Marion Boddy-Evans
Mixed media. Mounted size: 25x25cm.

These four related studies are now at Skyeworks sold.

One Reply to “Incoming Tide: Always Stopping But Never Stops”

  1. Your statements are always so profound. Love being in touch with you.
    And I’ll never forget the effort you made to find me on our tour.
    You are such an inspiration. I’ll have to send you some photos of my work (very few finished) even though they are not similar to yours..
    Would you like to see them? and critique/criticize them?

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