Interrupted By a Caw

I was at one of my favourite, albeit rarely sketched, locations…

… absorbed by the colours and textures …

… and that blocked-up door …

… when I was startled by a loud, single “caw”, from above me. Glancing up, there was a crow sitting on the top of the wall, looking down at me.

I’ve probably watched too many programmes where birds are harbingers, but right now the photo below feels like it’s the image for the cover of a book I will one day write with the art and poetry from this year that I’m not yet ready to share.

One Reply to “Interrupted By a Caw”

  1. love all the textures on the bricks and wall… the crow is an added surprise. Crows are very smart and can learn to recognize people. Maybe the next time you are here, he will greet you again. Think of him as your protector and friend. Thanks for posting. I’m missed it somehow in November, but it’s just as nice in January!

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