Join me for a 3 Day Painting Workshop for Beginners

When: Sunday 18, Monday 19, Tues 20 October 2015
Where: Portree, Isle of Skye

Day 1: Sketching on location, info collection and learning to look
(if the weather’s wild, we’ll find a coffee shop with a view!)
Day 2: Intro to acrylics and expressive painting, developing ideas from day one and finalizing a composition
Day 3: Creating a painting using your composition (small canvas provided, larger can be bought)

Cost: ?180 including use of materials, a small sketchbook and small canvas

If you’d prefer to do only one day, this is a possibility.

Watercolour and Pen Sketching

2 Replies to “Join me for a 3 Day Painting Workshop for Beginners”

    1. Jenn, Unfortunately virtual workshops aren’t an option at the moment, internet speed here being as narrow as the roads (and the fibre optic installation won’t cover all of Skye). Making videos is on my to-do list. Is there any particular aspect(s) you’re most interested in, and/or just “over the shoulder see what I’m doing”?

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