Joys Amidst the Chaos

At a time that feels exponentially like it’s the “interesting times” that proverbial curse threatens, it’s even more important to remind myself of small joys in every day. They’re always there, though some days they’re harder to see.

That first cup of coffee with studio cat sleeping on my lap (though the wake-up paw of studio cat wanting breakfast isn’t a joy!).

Seeing Stranger Cat, a skinny long-haired black cat who appeared in the garden several weeks ago, run only to the nearest bush to watch and wait.

A golden eagle swirling low on a thermal.

Making wirework sheep with coloured ‘wool’ for the first time. Arranging them in rainbow order. (I’ll have them on my stand at Patchings Art Festival.)

The mica-sparkle of a Daniel Smith Duochrome watecolour a friend gave to me.

The late-morning coffee with ginger biscuit from the in-house art critic.

Very definitely on my list are those of you helping me via Patreon or PayPal, the equivalent of a cup of coffee a month adds up to help keep the wolf from scratching through the door, feed another not-yet-in-the-studio cat, and lets me spend time writing. Thank you again.

The black cat in this photo is not Stranger cat. It was Rascal, who had some white whiskers.

PS: Don’t forget to send me photos of your June word prompt charts tomorrow! July’s chart can be downloaded here.

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