Left or Right? Pick a Favourite

I’ve been painting some small 15x20cm canvases alongside the large commission I’m working on. I’m now trying to decide which of these two, both inspired by Talisker Bay, is my favourite.

Just when I think it’s the one on the left, the one on the right tugs at me. Which would you choose (post a blog comment and let me know)? Both do feel a bit wintry to be painted in summer; it was sunny and warm in my studio, so perhaps at a subconscious level I was feeling a bit too hot. .




14 Replies to “Left or Right? Pick a Favourite”

  1. I’d want the pair! The lovely turquoise in the left picture draws me towards that one but the white foaming waves and cool blue on the right are just as compelling.

  2. my first response – left – I preferred the ethereal look to the finish – yes wintery or rather – autumnal,when the mists roll in and soften edges making viiews rather wistful and magical. If I was to choose with the aim to buy – the left one.

  3. Hard to pick a favorite, but going on my gut feelings…

    I like the movement and blue tones of the one on the right. The white makes it feel like the water is moving.

    The one on the left has a more quiet, greenish mood which has its’ place, but I love the movement of the ocean and the bubbling, boiling action of the waves, of the one on the right, so the one on the right is my favorite of the two!

  4. it seems to me that the one on the right is more your style. But i love the colour of the right….conflicted too

  5. So hard to choose, but a slight edge to the left. I like the depth shown in sky, rocks, water, and waves.

  6. I like the left. I can feel the cold. I can feel the cold surging waves. Definitely the left

  7. There are things I like about each of them. I really like the texture of the rocks in the one on the left, and the coherence of the aqua tones throughout the painting. But I also really like the range of blues and purples in the one on the right, the white foam, and the soft horizon line. Hard to choose!


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