6 Replies to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. All the best of this Season to you too, along with a Muse-filled 2016! When I saw that the date on your blog was December 25th (and we have another 3 hours to go yet here in Canada before proclaiming Christmas official), I checked your location and went on a virtual tour of the Isle of Skye. Left me speechless! What awesome beauty surrounds you! The beautiful rugged cliffs remind me of our province of Newfoundland. You definitely live in an artist’s paradise! Thank you for sharing your creative journey, and I look forward to more blogs.

    1. Merry Christmas Gayle, and I hope 2016 is filled with creative joy! Skye is indeed an inspirational place, and I’ve so many corners of it I’ve not painted yet!

  2. A very merry Christmas! and A very happy New Year too! I am a small artist and your paintings always fill me with awe.

    1. Thank you! Do remember that what I post online isn’t everything I paint and there are many others that no-one sees, the experiments, the failures, the never finished. These are an essential part of artistic growth!

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