Monday Motivation: In Praise of Being Messy

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“A messy environment offers disruptions that seem to act as a catalyst for new ideas and creations. If you think about it, we try to avoid these same disruptions when we focus on being more ‘organized.’ But, if you sometimes embrace a little mess, you may be opening yourself up to more creative serendipity.”

Embrace the Mess: The Upside of Disorder

Or put another way:
Here’s an erudite excuse not to tidy your studio today.
Nor tomorrow. Nor next week.

Paint Tubes From My Stash Skye Artist

And for never, ever, ever, having my paints sorted by colour, hanging each tube by a large bulldog clip onto a pegboard, in sequence.

Well, okay, that’s never really been an aspiration because I know I will never achieve it, but I do find the photos I’ve seen of this intriguing and compelling. If your studio is this organized, do leave a comment and let us know if it stays this organized all the time or not!

8 Replies to “Monday Motivation: In Praise of Being Messy”

  1. How can one have a tidy studio. I try to keep my tubes and brushes a bit tidy, but as soon as I start painting they soon get into the usual mess.

    Another thing is the proliferation of paint tube caps. I always seem to have more of these than tubes of paint.

  2. Being messy myself the only thing I can say in favour of having a bit of a tidy up is the joy of finding something you had forgotten you had which then can lead to further inspiration for creativity!

    1. Definitely! That’s how I rediscovered a tube of gold and of bronze, which have since been used as backgrounds for small sheep paintings :-)

  3. Marion… what a perfect post for American artists celebrating Labor Day today! I plan to allow my artistic mess inspire me today rather than tidy it up! Know I always enjoy and appreciate your posts and highlights of renowned artists. Keep your brushes full and canvases full of life’s joy!

    Laurie C, Augusta, GA

  4. I had cleaned up my little studio before we left for a month of holiday. It almost scares me now to make it messy again – which means, I hesitate to start the next project. Being tidy can be counter-productive!!!

    1. This reminds me of a productivity tip I once read — leave your workspace with a project already slightly started so when you get back to it you are already a step along, and thus it’s easier to get working.

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