Monday Motivation: Find Fresh Courage

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“… Freshness. Some call it confidence, or boldness, still others call it Courage. … it’s the leading emotion most often communicated from our own heart … through our arm and out to our brushstrokes.

“…The opposite of Freshness in art is a painting that’s been overworked. That is also reflective of the artist, but this unsureness or fear, also shows in the art, ironically it comes out as more work, or the look of busy brushwork. Watch out for this emotion, because it has a way of creeping into every brushstroke.”

— Artist Steve Puttrich, Facebook post 28 May 2017

So much easier said than done. Be fresh. Be courageous. Be creative. Be bold.

But how? If only we could find a yellow brick road to follow and find it.

Courage is overcoming the doubt, the niggling nag, and you find it in yourself. Others may encourage and support you, but ultimately you have to hold the brush yourself.

The risk of failure never goes away. Instead you learn to realise you’re not a one-trick pony, that a failed painting or drawing doesn’t make you a failure, it’s one failed painting. So you try again. You keep learning, you strive to learn, you endure, you persist.

Even one-trick ponies have to learn their trick.

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