Monday Motivator: All Failures & Successes are Temporary

Monday motivator art quotes

“When your utmost goal is simply to get better, all failures and successes are temporary because you will forever improve, given more time and more practice. You don’t define yourself by any single moment in time; you define yourself by an entire body of work in service of ongoing growth and development. Your pursuit ceases to be something you are aiming for and becomes a part of who you are.”
— Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness 6 Principles to Crush in Life Without Burning Out

Don’t compare your paintings to last week’s, but to last year’s. Don’t destroy drawings that are unsatisfactory until at least a week has past, ideally more. Some will be as dire as you thought at the time, others will surprise you pleasantly or you’ll be in a mindset to see what they taught you.

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    1. It’s inevitably a squeeze to fit the sheet of paper on, no matter how often I put things away ☺️

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