Monday Motivator: Anticipate the Artistic Fear

Art motivational quoteWhen artist Marlene Dumas ‘first picks up her brush, she has to work through the kitsch feeling ? the sheer ridiculousness and grandiosity involved in standing in front of a canvas… ?The biggest difficulty for me is to be able to concentrate properly … Every time I start up again, I think: I don?t know if I know how to make a painting. …But the good thing now is I know I will feel all these things [in advance]. Otherwise I would be desperate.’

— Marlene Dumas The daring art of Marlene Dumas: duct-tape, pot bellies and Bin Laden by Rachel Cooke, Observer newspaper, 11 January 2015

This from an artist who, seven years ago was for a moment the world?s most expensive living female artist, her 1995 painting The Visitor having been sold by Sotheby?s for ?3.1 million.

Confront the fear.
Acknowledge it will be there.
Paint despite to spite it.

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